Personally, I think it needs a third and final movie, not an X-Files: TNG. You could tell that the idea well had run dry after season 6. Nowadays, conspiracy theories seem to stem from the darkest corners of the internet (ie, Sandy Hook Hoax) and it's a bit harder to capture the mystique that the X-Files was able to generate in its first half dozen seaons.

Unless of course you create a show that caters exactly to that lunatic fringe audience. A show where the president really is a reptoid. A show where the Super Bowl is a conspiracy to get the American public to not pay attention to their government (even though the Super Bowl happens once a year on a day of the week when all government agencies are closed). A show where Prince William is really the Antichrist and is patiently awaiting for Planet X to arrive so he can unleash doom upon all us mortals.

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