On the second to last episode of Grimm, things get even worse as Zerstörer, aka Skull Face, appears to be unstoppable. Spoilers after the break.

Picking up where the last episode left off, Nick and Eve are trapped in “the other place” with Zerstörer and his powerful staff that knocked them both down. It then started glowing and Eve started to woge, which allows her to use her powers.

Meanwhile, back in our world, Rosalee is with Hank and Wu, checking the books at the spice shop for any information they can find.

They find something and run it through the ol’ internet translator.

They figure out Zerstörer is trapped in the other world and needed the Grimm there so he could follow him back to here, and then go after his child bride.


Monroe is at their home, with Renard and Adalind, and has also found something, in his family bible, the wesen edition.

It describes “hell” as a garden, not necessarily Eden but also not not Eden, and in it the the wesen run wild and feed on people. Then they discuss how to get Nick back and Adalind wants to use her blood to go through, but Renard thinks she can open the mirror and then he can go through.


While they’re all arguing over the methods and risks of opening the mirror, Rosalee calls to warn them not to because that’s exactly what Zerstörer wants. But it’s too late because Diana wakes up, and acts on her own.

On the other side, Nick and Eve see a portal open and manage to get back. Zerstörer seems to follow but doesn’t show up with them so they assume he’s still in the other place. Rosalee, Hank and Wu return and everyone compares notes on where Nick and Eve were, including that it sounds like the hell in Monroe’s family bible, and that the people there are referred to as “meat”.Nick uses the stick to heal a wound on his hand, but then puts it back in the box without it calling to him.

Diana also notices that Eve is different now, and that’s when she realizes she’s no longer a hexenbiest, that part of her stayed in the other place. Not a great time to lose her powers...

Especially as a mirror in a gas station restroom turns into a portal and someone makes his way into our world.

That’s right, he shows up in our world looking human. It seems the skull face look was his permanent woge in the other place but now he’s like most other wesen and able to change back and forth. He kills a man in the restroom by stabbing him with the staff as he exits the mirror, and then uses the staff on the attendant to make electrocute him and make his eyes melt out. Then he steals his clothes and goes searching, presumably for his child bride.

Back at the house, Diana is able to sense that he’s in our world now and she is scared. And when Diana is scared you know it’s bad.

Rosalee then realizes it’s now the date the symbols on the cloth predicted, March 24 2017. Renard recalls a powder his mother used to hide him from evil, and since it seemed to keep him hidden when the Royals were looking for him as a child, he suggests it for Diana to try to hide her from Zerstörer.

(Anyone else disappointed fairies aren’t real? I mean it’s Grimm, they could have been!)


Nick decides they need to hide someplace not connected to everyone and chooses the cabin from his first case. You know, the one where the blutbad mailman would keep the girls he kidnapped? Yeah, that’s where he’s suggesting Renard and Adalind hide with Diana and Kelly. It was also where Renard and Nick had their first non-police meeting and Sean gave Nick the key, which at the time he was keeping from Adalind. Nick says his goodbyes and heads back into the city.

He also tells Adalind he loves her, outside the cabin.

Back at the house, the gang does more research and learn that the staff appears in many stories, including in the bible and could be the very same as the staff of Moses, and that David had when he killed Goliath even though the slingshot got all the glory.

We then get to see the Staff of Moses in action when Zerstörer, who seems to be learning English Terminator style by picking up phrases people say right before he kills them, happens upon some panhandlers who don’t take kindly to his newly learned phrases. His staff turns into a snake, kills a guy, and then returns to its owner.

While this is going on, Trubel comes back to Portland! Black Claw is wiped out, but she had a feeling something bad was happening in Portland and after finding the stick was gone from the tunnels, headed to the spice shop. Nick goes to meet her while Hank and Wu continue investigating the dead bodies Zerstörer has been leaving a trail of.


Back at the house, Eve recalls the staff looking like it had some cracks in it, and the gang figure out it must have been broken up and then put back together, and that the stick the Crusader Grimms hid in the Black Forrest is a piece of it. Which means Zerstörer is going to want it back to possibly restore the staff to its full power as if it wasn’t powerful enough.


And at the cabin, Diana has a pretty scary nightmare and believes it was a warning that Zerstörer isn’t just after her, but also her brother. Which makes sense, they both have some powerful parents.


And Trubel finds some more of his victims, some of the Portland PD, she follows him from a safe distance and it looks like he’s heading to the precinct. And then this happens.

Holy crap! I know it’s the 2nd to last episode but Nick better use that stick to bring them back, even if it risks Zerstörer making the staff whole again. It can’t end like that! But we won’t find out until next Friday.


I know it makes things more serious and raises the stakes but I don’t care, I want Hank and Wu brought back.


I also expected the Wu-Wolf to put up more of a fight than that, even if he wasn’t going to win.

Not sure how smart it is hiding in that cabin, as Renard pointed out there’s not much they can do if Zerstörer shows up.

Renard mentions his mom, but doesn’t call her to ask for help protecting her granddaughter?! She seemed pretty powerful.

They really need to try and get that stick away from Zerstörer.

I wonder if Meisner the friendly ghost will lend a helping hand in the finale.

Zerstörer entering our world was totally the wesen version of Terminator, from appearing naked and taking the clothes of one of his many victims, to learning phrases from things people say to him, and ending with his assault on a police precinct.

I still can’t believe it killed Hank and Wu.

What did you all think?

(Gifs courtesy of dailygrimm.tumblr, Zerstörer with the dots over the o courtesy of Grimm Wiki).


(Sorry this was posted later than usual, had a very busy weekend & Monday, followed by Kinja troubles Tuesday night)