The pitter-patter of many little paws can be heard at the Oregon Zoo right now. In mid-September, the zoo took in three orphaned cougar cubs.

The cubs were rescued by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and then immediately transferred to the Oregon Zoo, which has a top-notch veterinary facility and is the workplace of Michelle Schierman, who is the AZA’s species coordinator for cougars.

Most of the cougars in U.S. zoos are orphans who could not be released back into the wild, and most of those cats have actually been placed by Schireman. Schireman is already looking for new homes for these cubs, once they’re big and strong enough to go!

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And there’s video!

But wait, there’s more! On September 11, the Oregon Zoo welcomed two caracal kittens into the world!

There’s one male kitten and one female kitten, and their mom Peggy has done a fantastic job of raising them.

This little family cannot be viewed by the public yet, but dad Cricket is still on exhibit.

Caracals are known for their long black-tufted ears, but at the time these pictures were taken, the male kitten’s ears had not quite popped up.

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And there’s video of these kittens, too!