I guess i’m a bit behind the times because I missed out when I09 was talking about the newest developments in the Sleepy Hollow franchise.

If you all recall, Sleepy Hollow’s finale was....well not great.

I was doing the recaps last season and I was not happy.

That wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was the complete disregard for Abbie and the way Fox acting as if Nicole Beharie leaving was a complete and total shock and killing her off was absolutely necessarily.

This was a show that seemed to be doing ok by it’s portrayal of POC and women. We had a real partnership between Abbie and Crane, not a scenario where one was over the other in either knowledge or authority. But then they decided to give Crane’s wife more screen time and reduce the role of the amazing Nicole Beharie. Then in a final insult, they kill her off and declare her soul is a “Eternal Soul” that can transferred to another body like a Trill symbotie. Awesome. Apparently in Fox’s worldview black women are interchangeable. Or at least their souls are.

So after all that, I was determined not to keep up with this show. That said, I still remember when it was good. So i decided to check out the Google and see when it was coming back since it still felt weird for Monday nights to have only one show to watch and recap, Gotham. Well I found this little tidbit in a International Business Times article, of all places.

Ok well, that looks not great. The new character, Diana, is a Secret Service agent and mother of one and really really bored. She could not look like she gives a crap. The article in IBTtimes.com tries to be a little bit more generous, saying she looks “shocked”. But wait, there’s more.

So Sleepy Hollow will no longer ever take place in Sleepy Hollow? Well then why the hell is it still called Sleepy Hollow? Just make a new show, called it “Amazing Revolutionary War Man’s Super Cool Adventures” and let those of us who loved the first two seasons enjoy them without you shitting on them more. But wait...there’s more.

Heaven forbid we expect a man who lost the closest friend he’s had since he was transported 200 years in the future, and his partner in saving the world and fulfilling Biblical prophecy, to express emotion at her death. Gotta keep Roman Reigns..ER i mean Ichabod Crane looking strong right Vince..I MEAN Sleepy Hollow writers. Stiff upper lip, sip some tea, don’t show feelings, all that cliche British shit. But wait, there’s more.

FANSERVICE! Because audiences love being pandered to. Where the hell was good old Henry as all the shit that went down last season was going down? Oh and Betsy Ross and Abbie’s two FBI buddies are gone. Because sure, why have a diverse team of interesting people around the main character, some of whom are government agents who might be familiar with Washington DC and provide a valuable resource, while at the same time at least giving the impression for PR purposes you give a shit about diversity. What am I smoking?

But hey, we still need a bad guy. And if nothing else good can be said about the lamest god ever from last season, he was from Sumerian myth and was at least something different from the Judeo-Christian source material they had been using for most of the villains. So maybe they can stay down that path...

Or instead lets just have NotDanielFaraday. Because lets be honest, that is what you will be thinking when you watch his performance, assuming you do. And please don’t because this sounds awful.

When i said I was not going to watch the show if it got renewed it was I admit, an emotional choice but one I felt strongly by. That said, I wanted to be fair and see if the writers and producers learned anything by how things went down. It looks like they haven’t. It appears the plan to make Ichabod Crane a leading man is going full steam ahead and fuck anything resembling diversity in a show that was praised for it when it first came out. Well i feel better in my decision to stay away.