And 8 more popped out! This is Zatanna, a stray tuxedo cat we adopted about a month ago. And her 8 kittens as a pile of wiggling, squeaking fuzz.

A little over a month ago she had started coming up to us whenever we entered or left our apartment and wanted to go inside. We started leaving food and water outside for her but after awhile we decided to take her in. The vet visit revealed she was healthy and pregnant so it was mostly up to my roommate, whose cat she was, if we were going to let her have the kittens.


She gets along with my cat sometimes. Bast gets nervous and hisses and growls at her but she is a wimp who runs away and it is Zatanna who will finish a fight.

She is an affectionate kitty who will lay down on you and stay for an hour, unlike Bast who prefers to lay next to you.

Zatanna ready to give birth. Unfortunately she wanted to do it behind the couch instead of the spot we set up for her.

Kitten 1

Kittens 1, 2, and 3. Poor 3 is the runt of the litter and we ended up having to clean it up ourselves cause she didn't pay that much attention to it.

1 and 2 spent the entire time wrestling over who would use the other as a pillow.

At 6 kittens she took a little break.

Feeding this morning. Poor 3 seems like has trouble getting a nipple. We have been helping some.


This morning when I let her out she smuggled one of the kittens out of the bathroom and behind the couch. So I guess we need to figure out a new housing arrangement that she is happy with and we are okay with.

In summary, it was a stressful night but now we have a bunch of cute little squeakers. Now to begin the process of finding them homes in 8-10 weeks. Anyone want one? And by anyone I mean anyone within Texas area that wouldn't mind meeting up somewhere.