Here we are at the end of Season six, with an episode that is all out spectacle and a preceding one which clearly saved budget for it.




We begin with the team off-world at a minor naquadah mining settlement with the team attempting to help the inhabitants with their Goa’uld overlord Mot, with SG-1 seen as the prophesised saviours of their people. Jonas begins to feel unwell, appearing to see a conversation before it happens, and collapses. Jonas is brought back to the SGC for a medical but Fraiser can’t find anything to explain why he fell ill so suddenly and recovered so quickly but there is something strange in the scans. At a briefing about the planet Jonas has another vision which quickly comes true, leaving Jonas with the belief that he can see the future. Fraiser is worried about the appearance of a tumour in his MRI and recommends he’s pulled from active duty, though the team start to take his predictions seriously when he predicts the arrival of a previously unmet Tok’ra, while Jonas begins to believe his visions are Nirrti’s doing. Soon before SG-1 is sent back to the planet however Jonas has another vision of Sam being injured, leading her to also be removed from the mission.


What’s left of SG-1 head to the planet along with SG-15 to help free the inhabitants with the agreement of the village’s leader. However another, Chazen, secretly informs Mot of the plan via a Goa’uld communication device. Later that evening they’re all captured by Mot and his Jaffa after Chazen uses a Goa’uld knockout device. When Mot later confronts the team to gloat he reveals his plan is to eventually kill Ba’al and take over his vast territory.

Meanwhile at the SGC Jonas is in his room before being alerted to a medical emergency, with both Silar and Carter being injured while overhauling a generator. As Carter lies in the infirmary Jonas goes to talk to her to discuss his visions. While they both agree that his visions so far have all come true they disagree on whether they always will. Jonas later suffers another vision in his lab, falling unconscious as a result. Jonas is put in intensive care and prepped for surgery where he has another vision of the SGC being overrun by Mot’s Jaffa and destroyed with a bomb.

On the planet the team are broken by one of the villagers so that they can escape. However Jonas has another vision of this being the ambush which leads to the SGC being overrun after SG-1 and SG-15 are killed at the Gate. Jonas is able to tell Carter about the vision just before he’s put into surgery. The SGC attempt to warn the team, alerting Chazen to the prisonbreak instead leading to the village’s alarm being raised. This however alerts the SG teams just before the ambush is triggered, allowing them to avoid the massacre and the loss of the SGC.


The team visit Jonas as he recovers from his surgery, announcing that they’re going back to the planet to celebrate the removal of Lord Mot, and that they’re bringing the food this time. Carter and Jonas finish the episode, discussing how his visions ended up changing events and fulfilling an ancient prophecy.




This is an episode that is one of those ones where you can see a good idea buried there trying to get out but it never quite achieves it. The plot device and general look of the episode is interesting but collapses under its own complexity by the end, becoming hard to follow.

The plot is largely two strands twinned together. The former with O’Neill and Teal’c trying to free yet another planet from the Goa’uld, who’ve been largely absent this season having not really appeared since Abyss (not counting Nirrit in Metamorphosis) which was episode 6, while Jonas and Carter try to deal with and understand Jonas’ new found ability to see the future. While the former goes as you’d expect, with sudden twists and betrayal but in the end they save the day, the latter starts off well but ends up getting convoluted and openly contradicting itself. At one point Jonas’ vision only comes true because he tries to alter it while later on he is able to stop events from happening. This really undermines the concept and makes it harder to follow for the audience.

Another weakness is the lack of connection to the overall narrative. As was previously mentioned the show hasn’t really involved the ongoing Anubis saga since the start of the season and suddenly we get a minor Goa’uld who has a serious chance to knock Ba’al, a major Goa’uld System Lord, out of play only introduced halfway through the episode but is then soundly defeated by the end. The show’s use of the Goa’uld has always been at its best when showing their actual muscle and ability while here the episode was clearly a cheaper one of the show and tries to get away by using audio cues only for ships which we never see, negating the sense of risk.

Overall it’s a shame really that this episode is so middling when so many of the recent ones have been quite strong individual episodes but having to save up for the finale likely thrust them with a need for another cheaper episode and this sadly had to be the one that clearly suffered as a result.


Assorted Musings


· I agree with O’Neill rather wanting a Meal Rejected by the Enemy than whatever slop that food was at the start.


· Given how he was fiddling with their weapons I’m surprised Chazen didn’t get himself killed.


Quote of the episode: “You are the Tau’ri of Stargate Command.”

O’Neill: “And you are Lord Mot, here to punish us for our insolence, etc, yada, et al.” – Mot and O’Neill


Full Circle



We begin with Skaara on Abydos as he joins a council of elders who are prepping for an attack by Anubis, only to reveal that their information comes from Daniel Jackson himself. Meanwhile at the SGC O’Neill arrives for work, only to get trapped in the elevator when it suddenly powers down. While trying to summon help Daniel appears to get O’Neill’s help in saving the Abydonians and fighting Anubis, though O’Neill blows him off due to his friend never showing up before eventually agreeing to help. O’Neill, despite the strange circumstances of gaining the information, manages to convince Hammond to agree to a mission to Abydos.


The team arrive on Abydos, bringing much needed weapons and supplies along with them, and proceed to try and find the artefact Anubis is coming for, the eye of Ra, while Teal’c helps the Abydonians who’ll fight set up a defensive parameter. The parameter is set up not a moment too soon as Anubis arrives and immediately starts attacking their positions from the air while landing troopships, almost immediately forcing them to retreat back to the pyramid.

Inside the pyramid the rest of the team struggle to find the Eye of Ra, stuck without Daniel’s help. Daniel finally appears after O’Neill has an outburst and agrees to actually help, crossing the “fine line” he said he couldn’t without provoking a response from the ancients. With help from Jonas the two locate and open a secret chamber that contains the Eye. Daniel also finds out the truth about the other ascended beings in that they’re the Ancients while also finding a tablet that references a powerful lost city. By the time they retrieve the Eye however it’s too late.

In the gateroom of the pyramid things aren’t going well despite a desperate defence from the Abydonians as they’re slowly cut down from Jaffa breaching the main door and using the transport rings inside as well. After all the other Abydonians are killed and the Gate is dialled from outside, preventing their escape, O’Neill, Teal’c, and a heavily wounded Skaara are forced down into the lower chambers. With no cards left to play O’Neill rigs the Eye with C4, threatening to blow it. Anubis’ First Prime Her’ak retreat to consult with Anubis before returning to demand the Eye or he’ll destroy Abydos. Not soon after Skaara succumbs to his wounds, only to be ascended by persons unknown.


In orbit above Daniel confronts Anubis, demanding he lets SG-1 and Abydos go in return for the Eye. While Anubis believes he has them beaten a collective force of the System Lords shows up, which could currently defeat Anubis. Anubis, knowing the odds could go either way, agrees to Daniel’s demands. Daniel returns to the team with the deal, revealing also that Anubis is part ascended which would explain his vast knowledge that the other Goa’uld don’t have. While O’Neill doesn’t like it he agrees to the deal, with Anubis’ Jaffa letting them go. After receiving the Eye however he immediately goes back on his word, destroying the other System Lord ships and destroying Abydos, with Daniel unable to stop him as the other ascended finally intervene for his crossing of the line.

The team barely make it through the Gate before Abydos is destroyed, with the Gate losing connection soon after. At a debrief the team discuss the tablet which they recovered that contained the references to the “Lost City” while still trying to redial Abydos. Eventually they manage to redial to the planet, finding no signs of any damage, and make their way to the Abydonian settlement nearby to be greeted by Skaara, who reveals they all died and the planet destroyed but were all ascended by Oma Desala. While picking up a ball the whole village disappears before them, the team leaving knowing they’ll never return.




Full Circle is an episode that is titled for obvious reasons, with the team coming back to Abydos to defend it once again from the Goa’uld threat, this time trying to find another artefact as opposed to mere naquadah. Despite previously overcoming the odds last time this time they’re not so successful, with their new foe knowing their strengths through mysterious means.


The plot sees the return of Daniel Jackson who is determined to save the planet he called home for over a year regardless of the consequences on his end. Despite previously refusing to interfere with the real world due to the rules of the ascended this time he finally crosses the line, directly helping the team and threatening to use his powers on Anubis who it turns out was also ascended at some point. This latter attempt however sees the ascended finally step in, forcibly removing Daniel from events and allowing Anubis to destroy both his System Lord opponents and the planet below without so much as a lost Jaffa.

In terms of the other characters the episode contains one of the most explicit references to the growing relationship between O’Neill and Carter, with Skaara inviting the two of them which O’Neill has trouble replying to with regards to their status as a pairing. This referencing starts to become more popular in the next couple of seasons, with characters even getting killed off due to their interference with the relationship.

The spectacle as well fits the episode, with the bulk of it featuring large scale battle sequences filled with special effects, and the episode capped off with the destruction of the pyramid as well as the planet. The episode goes to great lengths to demonstrate Anubis’ growing power, with him able to take out a massive combined Goa’uld fleet as well as send dozens of ships to attack the Tau’ri positions. The one element that didn’t make much sense given this however was on the Tau’ri end where, even though they knew the threat, only send SG-1 to help Abydos. This seems like a relatively small response given how they’ve reacted before, sending multiple teams to deal with big threats like this. Even Lord Mot was seen as deserving of two full-equipped SG teams.


Overall the episode is a great one that caps off the tale of Abydos and season six while revealing new details about the main antagonist, all in a package filled with spectacle and action. The show at its best.


Assorted Musings


· The elevator conversation has to be one of my favourite scenes in the history of the show.

· Wrapping their robes around the guns seems like a really stupid idea.

· So the Ancients have a problem with Daniel doing something bt no problem with Anubis? Hmm.


Quote of the episode: “Don’t forget to tell him you screwed up again.”

“Is it really necessary to further antagonize him?”

“Yes.”– O’Neill and Jonas regarding Her’ak