Today we have an episode featuring an evil scientist and an episode which is being covered in sync with real life events.



The team, sans O’Neill, are on Earth helping Barrett and the NID search an old warehouse that used to be used by rogue elements of the NID that is now full of dead bodies all killed by the same person, a young seemingly innocent woman. Surveillance tapes recovered show that she is indeed the one who killed everyone but when found by Barrett’s team she seemed a completely different person to the cold killer shown before. On the base the team also find Dr Keffler, who seems to be responsible for the girl, and a bunch of artefacts that likely belong to after he obtained them from his Nazi father (the Nazis acquired many artefacts which fells into the hands of many groups during and after the War) along with his other experiments in some kind of lab.


While Barrett and Carter focus on working out whatever Keffler was doing at the warehouse Daniel decides to talk to Anna, the girl inside the cage. The woman denies having killed anyone on the base but Daniel isn’t convinced given the footage that was shown but answers that Keffler is the one who “made her”. Given the threats they’ve dealt with before Daniel and Carter believe that Anna is a rapidly matured human that is either host to or is part Goa’uld, with her drawings displaying subconscious memories of the Goa’uld symbiote. One of the drawings provide the team with a way to open a Goa’uld chest which is revealed to be a bomb.

Under further questioning Keffler reveals that Anna is indeed some form of Hybrid but that the blending has seen the emergence of two separate personalities, Anna who is in control most of the time and the Goa’uld who can seize control every so often and who killed the entire base but Keffler. Given this Daniel tries to get Anna to recall memories of her time controlled by the Goa’uld to get the code to deactivate the bomb while Dr Lee from the SGC with help from Teal’c tries a manual disposal of the bomb.

Things get worse for the team as Daniel makes no progress with Anna, only finding that Keffler was forcing the Goa’uld personality out by electroshock, and Lee has accidently reduced the countdown from half a day to 2 hours. Even further attempts to use psychological approaches sees the Goa’uld personality emerge and set fire to her room, allowing her to escape when they are forced to open the cell to put it out (though they are able to save the combination to stop the bomb). Overhearing news of the escape Dr Keffler also breaks out of custody. The two prisoners confront and kill each other in the basement of the facility.


Resurrection is one of those episodes where unfortunately it takes 45 minutes and doesn’t really achieve anything of note. It’s a shame really as the episode is well made and the acting is the usual great quality but as a narrative it’s sadly empty and devoid of all emotion.


The plot largely focuses around a young woman who is not who she appears, in reality the result of a program to create Human-Goa’uld hybrids which sees her body switch between the two personas. This at least in theory would provide interesting an interesting narrative focus and portrayal of a character who can’t control their actions but instead it doesn’t manage any of that, with her scenes sadly never exploring it in any more than cursory detail. Instead the episode tries to split itself between dealing with the woman, dealing the scientist who’s the son of Nazi war criminals and therefore evil (because that’s not generic enough) and a bomb subplot that goes nowhere.

This splitting of the time is what sadly kills the episode as none of them have the time to show anything interesting as cutting the opening and conclusion of the episode they only have about 10 minutes for each subplot in total. Therefore the woman complains about her plight then escapes and dies, the scientist acts all evil then escapes and dies, and the bomb is a threat before quickly being defused. After the well-crafted tale of the last two episodes it’s a shame really that this one is just so dull.

Overall the episode is an instantly forgettable 45 minutes that, through no fault of the actors, has an interesting moral conundrum and does nothing with it.

Assorted Musings

· Nice to see that specialised Bomb Disposal is too much of a chore.

· At least now the show can say it has had an actual Nazi evil scientist.


Quote of the episode: “How many miles are we talking about here?”

“I don’t know, how big is Orange County?”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Do I, do I look like a practical joker to you?” – Barrett and Lee



On his first day in Office newly inaugurated Donald Trump is trying to avoid doing any work at all, expecting the best people to do it all for him. Upon arrival at the Oval Office he’s confronted by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, visibly annoyed at having to educate the new President about the Stargate Program. The Chairman attempts to tell the new President about the Program but Trump blows him off, claiming that Putin never told him about it so it must be fake.

Once slightly accepting of the reality of the situation Trump immediately begins a tirade about how the US Air Force is not only protecting these foreigners for free but also bringing them back to the US unchecked, raising the possibility to extreme Jaffarian terror. However worst of all he finds his VP Mike Pence has known about it for years, using it to try and find a way to convert Gays back to being Straight. Pence, knowing that he needs to keep in control of the Orange mess, immediately tries to dodge the topic by playing to Trump’s paranoia that the military is working with the CIA to destabilise him through their off-world allies.

That night the Chairman attempts to teach Trump the history of the program to little success, with Trump’s tiny hands having dropped most of the mission reports all over the office. Trump repeatedly fails to grasp basic issues about the program, believing that the peaceful way the program has been run must be a sign that the SGC is full of Democrat supporters who will undermine them. Pence immediately grabs hold of this line and sends a lackey to put together reports about how badly the SGC has been run, especially on the monetary costs of the Program. The lackey also highlights missions where the team came under alien control which Trump immediately takes as signs of the SGC being controlled by foreigners. Trump begins to demand the SGC is shut down, going further than Pence thought he would which will shut off his access to Gay conversion treatments.

That night, in the middle of writing up a statement about how HIV funding should be scrapped due to LGBT support while gay conversion therapy should be funded instead (this part is actually true), the lackey interrupts about how to better get Trump back on track. He attempts to get information from the SGC but Hammond, having dealt with him before sends him back to The Swamp where he belongs.


Meanwhile the Chairman desperately tries to stop Trump from dismantling the SGC, informing him about the Goa’uld. Unfortunately Trump sees the Goa’uld as a myth set up likely be the Chinese to make the United States seem less powerful and that a so-called lost city just means Obama was terrible as surely if he was so good he’d have found it by now. Trump instead immediately has the Chairman forced from his Office before demanding he’s replaced by someone more bending to Trump’s view.

In the end Trump decides to completely defund the SGC, promising those in the know that something else much better will be there in several months time and sells the Stargate to the Russians in return for an island to build a golf course on. A week later Anubis arrives and quickly demand surrender, which Trump accepts in return for a Ha’tak vessel whose golden interior he finds amazing. The episode ends with a bunch of Trump supporters working in a naquadah mine before losing them almost immediately to those damn immigrants.


Back to the actual episode Inauguration this was another example of the good form of clipshows where they reused old sets and characters to still move the story on while saving money for the major episodes of the season. Here we once again see the political aspect of the show raise its head, a common theme in this season which was originally going to end with the show being cancelled and a new version in a public version of the Stargate Program.


Despite being a cheesy sci-fi show here it surprisingly uses a number of serious political issues and matters, such as the continued role of dirty money in campaigning and the issues of cross-Presidential matters. From the get-go the new President, Henry Hayes, is shown to be very much a realist, understanding that he’s likely been influenced to some degree by nefarious forces and that the SGCs future is reliant on it being sellable to the public.

Behind the veneer of the President the shadows are still at play however, with Kinsey once again returning to try and gain control of the SGC or have it closed down entirely. How Kinsey managed to get onto the ticket in the first place is a story that is sadly left blank but likely Party corruption is to blame. Kinsey is shown to have likely been behind getting Woolsey, who returns again with the stick up his arse, to have been initially given the review into the SGC, knowing that his by the book attitude was more than likely to get him ending on a conclusion that benefits Kinsey’s push for control. In the end however this comes back to haunt him when he overplays his hand by admitting to Woolsey just what he was trying to get them to do.

Talking about the accountant, Woolsey is by far the most interesting character of the episode. His first appearance hardly endeared him to viewers, largely ending up as the antagonist of the Heroes two parter with his constant avoiding of the human element of the SGC and need to place blame on the team. Here however he is largely redeemed as a character, being shown as someone who may be by the books but still as someone who values integrity and honesty above it. His desire to see the truth come out sees him providing blackmail material to the new President over Kinsey once he sees that Kinsey will stop at nothing to destroy the SGC by any means necessary. This character arc becomes his main focus on both SG-1 and Atlantis in the future.


Overall the episode is your standard clipshow affair, largely being used to save money for the finale. As per usual however the show uses it as a chance to prepare the backstory for the coming episodes while fleshing out or introducing new ones now so it doesn’t have to be done later.

Assorted Musings

· Source for Pence HIV comments (


Quote of the episode: “How these people maintain their sanity is beyond me. I’m having trouble just sitting here listening to it.” - Hayes