So as reported by CNET — who got it from Reddit, who got it from Facebook — a Netflix viewer had turned on one of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth documentaries, and found something was a little off. The doc was accompanied by subtitles, but they were the wrong subtitles; they were subtitles for Aziz Ansari Live from Madison Square Garden.

That led to snapshots such as:

There are any number of ways such a hybrid might occur. A rare, mutant documentary like this could occur in nature through a simple glitch in a Netflix database.

But we should also consider this could be the work of a nefarious Doctor Moreau-type, splicing disparate elements together in a far-away island lab, and one of those unholy creations eventually escaped to civilization (with hilarious results).

What is the law?

Not to run in standard def, that is the law! Are we not Netflix?

What is the law?

Not to put Aziz Ansari’s words into David Attenborough’s mouth! Are we not Netflix?

(Or it’s just a prank.)

There are loads more subtitled snaps; see the grid of them here.