Children and Artificial Adults

The stakes seem to be getting higher on Twin Peaks as several characters seem to be trapped, unable to move forward. I identified last week a theme of victimised children and that’s certainly become even more prominent this week. Along with this, issues of identity and the line between innocence and guilt are being…



New Pieces

Exciting news! I applied to the Hubba Hubba review in the Bay, and they are interested in having me perform in July or August! I am so very excited to do this! One of my fellow performers and her husband are performing there in June, so I didn’t want to step on their debut, but I am very excited to get to do this…

Night at Bald Mountain

You might be familiar with the music of this little cartoon — that is Musorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain. Russian artist Galina Shakitskaya was the director and the writer behind this 10-minute-long gem, which was created using oil painting on celluloid. As a lead artist, she also created many more cartoons, including