There And Back Again, A Tolkienite’s Tale Part 1: Concerning Bad Book Covers

September 22 is marked by Tolkien fans as “Hobbit Day” and the start of “Tolkien Week”. It is an obscure little “holiday”, one that sadly does not involve free doughnuts for dressing up as a hobbit (it should), but marks the start movie marathons for some, and a season of cozy reading for others. It first was deemed a… »9/23/15 10:25am9/23/15 10:25am

Throwback Thursday Book Review: The Belgariad

Every one of has some book that was our gateway into genre. For a lot of people, that was The Lord of the Rings. But, if I’m being brutally honest, The Lord of the Rings never quite worked for me. I did push my way through it, but it felt more like doing the Required Reading than anything I was loving. But The… »9/04/15 2:45am9/04/15 2:45am