Six Series That Would Make Excellent Animated Films

Live Action adaptations seem to be all the rage these days, with Marvel Cinematic Universe and Cinderella being massive hits both financially and critically. However, let us not forget that animation adaptations can be just as good if not better than their live action counterparts (and if you still believe that… » 4/01/15 2:14pm 4/01/15 2:14pm

Read All the Discworld Books with Mark Oshiro

Beginning March 12th, Mark Oshiro (of Mark Reads, Mark Watches and Mark Plays) will be reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels in chronological order, beginning with The Colour of Magic. With the sheer number of Discworld books, this means that he's going to be doing this for a really long time - you can check his… » 2/11/14 12:23pm 2/11/14 12:23pm

Feature length Discworld movie announced

Rhianna Pratchett, daughter of Discworld creator Sir Terry, and a successful writer herself, working on the recent BioShock and Tomb Raider games, among others, has announced via her twitter that she's adapting The Wee Free Men, the first in the young adult series of Discworld books featuring apprentice witch Tiffany… » 11/01/13 7:39pm 11/01/13 7:39pm