What Secrets are Big Hero 6 Keeping in Fred's Room?

Big Hero 6 hit theaters with a rocket-powered punch, thanks to superpowered nerds and a cuddly robot. People all over the net are going to try and take this apart piece-by-piece, and I can't speak for all of it, here're some pop culture (and especially Marvel Comics) nods you might not have caught. SPOILERS, naturally. »11/10/14 6:00am11/10/14 6:00am

Would you watch a Disney movie with a Princess with a mental condition?

If you don't know, there is currently a petition started by a couple with a daughter with Down Syndrome to see a Disney Princess with a mental condition. The reason is so people with mental conditions have more positive role models (because lets face it, the media is not kind to people with any kind of mental health… »10/28/14 8:23pm10/28/14 8:23pm

Why does Disney still delay the international release of their films?

Big Hero 6 is coming out in the 7th of November. However, if you live in Europe, you'll have to wait until January or February next year until you get an official release. This isn't new, Wreck-It Ralph & Frozen both have had similar delays as well as nearly all their animated films have had similar delays. »10/28/14 2:40pm10/28/14 2:40pm