Doctor Who: This Was All Clara's Fault *MASSIVE Spoilers*

For events in the most recent episode of Doctor Who, Charlie Jane Anders has put the blame squarely on the Doctor’s shoulders. I respectfully disagree. We’ll be covering the newest episode (as well some classics) to look at what happened, how it happened, and where the blame lies, if any. Spoilers below. »Sunday 3:05pm11/22/15 3:05pm


Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 3: Under the Lake Discussion Thread

As of this writing the third episode of the new Doctor Who series 9 is about to start in 25 minutes. It’s starting far later then it normally does because for whatever reason, the BBC gives higher priority to a reality show called Strictly Come Dancing then it does to one of its most beloved shows worldwide.
»10/03/15 2:55pm10/03/15 2:55pm

Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 1: The Magician's Apprentice Discussion Thread

Top of the Afternoon you scallywags! Yar be the first episode of the new series (not season) of Doctor in one hour & ten minutes as of this writing and I have decided to post the discussion thread for the episode for all ye land lovers yar! But be warned! There be spoilers in the comments bellow. »9/19/15 1:33pm9/19/15 1:33pm

Here's why you should color in a Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or Sherlock coloring book

Coloring, like many hobbies, can help its practitioners relax, de-stress, and unwind. However, it has additional benefits. By engaging the frontal lobe of the brain, where organizing and problem solving is done, it helps people focus. It also requires both hemispheres of your brain to communicate, improving vision and… »9/16/15 4:33pm9/16/15 4:33pm

Capaldi wants David Bowie to guest star on the next season of Doctor Who

According to a recent Radio Times article, that is. And I have absolutely no problem with this.

Bowie does have some history with the program. In 1973, he and his band were recording at Television Centre, and ended up hanging out with the cast filming Planet of the Daleks, leading to speculation that they were playing… »9/13/15 2:44pm9/13/15 2:44pm