Harry Potter and the Half-Bled Pig

Vegan Harry Potter megafans are out there, everybody. They largely focus on veganizing recipes inspired by the books in order to be able to enjoy their favorite wizarding foodstuffs. Sometimes they ask questions about the role of vegans in the books, but these discussions are few and far between. I did not honestly… »12/19/14 12:44am12/19/14 12:44am

Our Women In Fiction Contest is down to the final four contestants!

When we started this March Madness competition, we had no idea how amazing it would be. With the hundreds of character submissions and thousands of votes each round, we found it difficult to narrow down the options session by session – and our audience clearly had the same heartbreak while voting. Time and again a… »5/12/14 9:56am5/12/14 9:56am