​The Hummingbird Drawing - GFIT

Ah, metaphors! I love you with the power of a Playstation 2, even if I approach you with Geraldo Riverian subtlety. Today's generic fantasy illustration I think I'm starting to dig in the bottom of the barrel and finding the old stuff... or the remastered old stuff to be precise. This means I need to feel more… »4/16/15 6:46pm4/16/15 6:46pm


GFIT - Let's Relax In the Tall Grass World

It's Easter! For my generic fantasy illustration this Thursday let's take it easy and relax. Bring your friends and illustrations if you wish! It's eastern. Also I'm getting old so I might as well get nostalgic of those simple times when I was a kid and I got to play on the country with my friends. Just fishing, or… »4/02/15 12:22pm4/02/15 12:22pm

100 iconic costumes of popular characters from pop culture

Here's a neat infographic-type, sort of poster illustration of 100 famous costumes from characters in movies, television and video games. It's fun to see the outfits that are instantly recognizable (superheroes, Star Wars, etc.) against those that require a little memory refreshment (The Breakfast Club, Rebel… »3/20/15 5:38pm3/20/15 5:38pm

Star-Lord in Speed Painting Form!  2014 Finale!

Let's send out 2014 to the edge of outer space! 2014 like my last few years have kept me busy with creating artwork and testing out my abilities and getting practice in between. With Christmas next week and the New Years next, it's time to push out the last SeeBonnyDraw art and episode of the year!

Watch Chris… »12/18/14 9:55pm12/18/14 9:55pm