MGS:TPP is the Mercenaries sequel we deserve...

Update 1 (09/01/2015): So, I only played the game for a few hours last night (including that 1 1/2 hour opening) so I haven’t gotten into the nuts and bolts too much yet, but so far I’ve got to say that the Mercenaries feel isn’t there yet. I’m still sure it will get there, but so far I’ve only just developed C4 and… »9/01/15 7:42am9/01/15 7:42am

Flash: The timeline that never was!

Like many shows The Flash has invited back actors associated with a previous incarnation of the character. Much like Smallville invited everyone from Christopher Reeve(Superman, duh!), Dean Cain(Superman), Marc McClure(Jimmy), Helen Slater(Supergirl) to Lynda Carter (wonder woman) that technically has no film/tv show… »4/16/15 10:51am4/16/15 10:51am

If you are going to be a vigilante, make sure you are a masked one!

So you have decided to become a vigilante. Great! Do your training and start protecting the city. And sure you are finding your way so you put on a ski mask. It does not look great. But you are just getting started. Once you order your Cowl in different parts 10.000 at a time you`ll be putting the fear in heart of… »3/27/15 11:44am3/27/15 11:44am

60 Years of the Godzilla Franchise in Infographics 

After the release of the Legendary Pictures "Godzilla" in the summer of 2014 a debate started in the fandom about Godzilla not appearing enough. But there was no actual data on how much time Godzilla appeared in any of his other films. Since this information didn't seem to be recorded anywhere I started a project… »3/03/15 12:23pm3/03/15 12:23pm