It's Not Really So Strange

A wealthy white American man with a van dyke, played by an actor who’s also played Sherlock Holmes more than once, leads a fast paced life. His success has brought great hubris and then one day he’s unexpectedly brought low, suffering permanent physical injury, but the path he takes to fix his body also helps to heal…

Don't Take the Ring

I had to go and watch all four of the new Twin Peaks episodes last week, so I have to wait another week to see a new episode. I guess I can say some more about the new series now since some of you spaced your doses more wisely and only just last night watched episodes 3 and 4.

Under the Glasses

What if the world is secretly controlled by aliens and the only one who can see them is a cheesy guy with a mullet? I’m not sure if the characters in John Carpenter’s 1988 film They Live are poorly developed or are calculated to subvert heteronormative expectations without its stars or studio getting wise. The Sci-Fi…

Impending Peaks

It won’t be long now before we get to see a new episode of Twin Peaks. It’s still not soon enough for me—”I want it now” has been repeating in my brain for over a year now; that and, “Why is it taking so long?” I’ve been getting ready over the past few days by watching INLAND EMPIRE, David Lynch’s last feature film,…