Five (Non-Discworld) Works by Terry Pratchett You Should Read

Terry Pratchett is dead and the world is a poorer place for it. But before he left the world, he graced it with many, many, many novels, most of them set in the world (and mirror of worlds) of Discworld. And while Discworld is wonderful (it provokes wonder), that's not the only work he has written. Here are five you… »3/13/15 12:06am3/13/15 12:06am

Watch Neil Gaiman Read Bad Imitations of Himself

Neil Gaiman was recently on the Wits American Public Media podcast where he got to read the "worst of the worst" of their "Bad Gaiman Challenge": paragraphs that tried (badly) to imitate Gaiman's style of prose. You can listen to the whole episode here or listen to a funny skit with Gaiman called "Alternate Realty" … »11/21/14 1:32am11/21/14 1:32am

Two Neil Gaiman novels to be adapted for US & UK television

According to Neil Gaiman's blog, Freemantle Entertainment, who for better or worse have brought us the recent remake of The Tomorrow People, have finalized a deal to adapt his award-winning novel American Gods (and presumably the sequel he's writing) into an American TV series. While it's still early days yet, Neil… »2/06/14 9:48pm2/06/14 9:48pm