There are Other Stories, I Guess

It’s a struggle to think about any other TV show after Twin Peaks but I guess the new episode of American Gods on Sunday was pretty good too. It’s not its fault Twin Peaks casts such an enormous shadow over it. “Git Gone” (named for the Fiona Apple song?) felt much more like Bryan Fuller than Neil Gaiman, in fact it…

American Snow

Last night’s new American Gods was an improvement from last week’s. It featured two vignettes unrelated to the main plot, both of which were better than the vignette from last week, and a less suspenseful but more satisfying development in the main plot.

Godly Roads

Last night’s première of the American Gods television series was one of the best première episodes of any series I’ve seen in years. The cast, the music, the editing, everything’s well above average even in this day and age of great television.