Sherwood Justice

Star Trek: The Next Generation started out pretty well when it came to gender roles. It had a female chief of security and men wearing dresses. But then Denise Crosby left the show in the first season and afterwards the show was criticised for having its only principle female characters, Beverly Crusher and Deanna…


Star Treking

Our Star Trek themed LeMons race car is coming together. Why Star Trek? Celebrating their 50th anniversery? Nope. Finding hope in the lessons it teaches? Nope. My 6 year daughter found the show a few weeks ago and likes Mr Spock. That is the only reason.

50 Years and Trekking

Well, here we are, the big day—the day, September 8, Star Trek premièred on television fifty years ago. But unlike Doctor Who, there’s no two hour television special reuniting cast members from through the years, no featurettes put together by CBS or Paramount. I guess that’s what Comic Con was supposed to be but at…