If you could belong to an alien race from scifi, which one would it be?

The ability of the human mind to create fantastic beings through the power of imagination is amazing. Throughout history, every culture has invented myths, legends, gods, and monsters to call their own. These days, much of that imagination is used on creating new worlds and new beings in science fiction. And often… » 8/28/15 6:31pm Friday 6:31pm

The Worst Storyline To Ever Happen On TNG

With such amazingly awful candidates in season one or two (space Arabs?) you’d expect the worst storyline to ever air was in one of those, but no, the later seasons had their fair share of stinkers too (space Native Americans?). However, specifically, this is a subplot storyline that carries on between two episodes in… » 8/20/15 6:07am 8/20/15 6:07am

Blast from the Past: RDM on the State of Star Trek... in 2000

While doing some background research for some of my own writing I often take a look at what the work of those writers which have inspired me, both to examine their process and also to reflect on what it was I liked best about their work. One of those writers is Ronald D. Moore, perhaps most famous today for his work… » 6/26/15 6:15pm 6/26/15 6:15pm

Fact of the day - 6/22/15

Hello everyone and welcome to a rather late Fact Of The Day. I was trying to come up with a theme for this week since I will be leaving for vacation Thursday. I thought about an all Maine week, featuring science fiction and fantasy either set in Maine or involving Maine people, since that’s where i’m going. But pretty… » 6/22/15 2:50pm 6/22/15 2:50pm

O-Deck Fact Of The Day - 6/8/15

Good morning O-Deck. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a great timne visiting my cousin and her fiance and their crew for her birthday. I swam, i drank, i white guy danced. It was a lot of fun. And even though it was at a casino i didn’t lose to much money. Unless you consider the $23 buffet in what was… » 6/08/15 8:05am 6/08/15 8:05am