Google Made a Starfleet Comm Badge... Then Junked It.

According an Ars Technica article, Google had built a prototype wearable that would activate Google’s voice search with a tap (think Ok Google prompt in a button form). It wasn’t a stand-alone device as it needed to be paired with a smartphone, and its capabilities were limited to whatever Google voice search was… »11/23/15 1:05pm11/23/15 1:05pm

How to make a new Star Trek series work...

The excitement that greeted the announcement of a new Star Trek series on CBS All Access didn’t quite reach Star Wars sequel levels, but fans are definitely talking. Of course, just like the reaction that accompanied The Force Awakens, enthusiasm is tempered by fear: what if the new series fails to meet expectations? »11/04/15 6:33am11/04/15 6:33am

What Should We Expect Out of CBS's New Star Trek Show?

With yesterday’s news of a new Star Trek TV show premiering in 2017, the nerd-sphere collectively cheered. Although the Abrams movies have been visually stunning (with varying degrees of success as to the story aspects), Trek’s true home is television and the episodic format. Beyond that, there’s a lot of what we can… »11/03/15 7:07pm11/03/15 7:07pm

If you could belong to an alien race from scifi, which one would it be?

The ability of the human mind to create fantastic beings through the power of imagination is amazing. Throughout history, every culture has invented myths, legends, gods, and monsters to call their own. These days, much of that imagination is used on creating new worlds and new beings in science fiction. And often… »8/28/15 6:31pm8/28/15 6:31pm