You guys never told me Alan Moore wrote some Star Wars comics!

Just saw this featured on Boing Boing. Over at Tech Times, Ben McCool (whose last name seems as likely as McLovin) has a five-part series on five Star Wars stories Moore wrote for Marvel UK (didn’t know there was such a thing) between ‘81-’82. I haven’t gone through these articles in any depth yet, but the crazy… »11/21/15 2:59am11/21/15 2:59am

My thoughts on The Clone Wars cartoon after 12 episodes

Well i was gong to post this since there hadn’t been a post since my Gotham recap. But as i wrote this the Open Thread came up so that fills that need. Still I put in all the effort to be entertaining, so here are some random thoughts I had while watching the first season of The Clone Wars cartoon on Netflix. »11/10/15 3:35pm11/10/15 3:35pm

This Is Not the Game I'm Looking For, and Some Batman Thoughts

NYCC week is here, which means a lot of work, but at least my day job is publishing its first print magazine for the event. Yay us! Besides that, lots of emailing, editing for future weeks, and planning personal stuff. Tomorrow is the EA Preview Event, where I’ll get to play the publisher’s upcoming line-up. »10/07/15 7:27am10/07/15 7:27am