Star Wars Tangles

There were some really lovely visuals in last night’s two part season finale of Star Wars: Rebels, “Zero Hour”, and I appreciated references to The Empire Strikes Back, Jedi Knight, and Lord of the Rings. Lars Mikkelsen continues to impress as Grand Admiral Thrawn, Vanessa Marshall is solid as always as Hera, and Tom…

The Hera Chronicles

Hera (Vanessa Marshall) unquestionably owned last night’s new episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Double Agent Droid”. It also featured some nice focus on the droid characters and a starring role for Wedge, who’s more prominent in the episode than Ezra, which is how it fucking should be.

This Chiss is No Chump

“Through Imperial Eyes”, last night’s new episode of Star Wars Rebels, was a massive improvement over the previous week’s episode and one of the best written episodes of the series. Although I was able to predict some of the things that happened in the episode, writers Nicole Duboc and Henry Gilroy have put together a…

Thank the Maker

This past weekend was pretty crazy, and it doesn’t look like this has made the rounds here (near as I can tell), but Lucasfilm has made an official announcement regarding the possibility of using CGI Leia in future Star Wars movies, and they are not going forward with any such plans.

The Sword of Sabine

Sabine’s training as some kind of half-Jedi began on “Trials of the Darksaber”, last night’s new Star Wars Rebels written by Dave Filoni. A story that mostly worked if you don’t think too hard about some of it, it introduced some nice conceptual points about Jedi and Mandalore while going some ways to finally…


Who Goes There?

How nice Star Wars Rebels can be when Ezra and Kanan aren’t around. Last night’s new episode, “Warhead”, written by Gary Whitta, who worked on the first draft of Rogue One, focuses on Zeb being left in charge of the base while the other main characters are away. It’s a nice episode with some genuinely creepy moments.

A Saw to See

The routine stunt casting on Star Wars: Rebels has finally been able to draw from something Disney created. Well, Saw Gerrera was introduced on Clone Wars, back when George Lucas owned the company, but the man on Saturday’s new Rebels, the two part “Ghosts of Geonosis”, was clearly the Rogue One version, even voiced…

The Blue Rogue

I managed to see the blue version of Rogue One yesterday. That is, the version where the projector bulb needed to be replaced but wasn’t so the whole film was tinged blue. This was my third time seeing the film so I noticed the difference right away. I was with my friend, Tim, who hadn’t seen the movie yet and he…