Fact Of The Day - 6/15/15

Happy Monday everyone. I know, i know, the weekends over. Monday is here, we’re all back at work or school. Personbally i would love to be in a hospital bed with an IV of sweet sweet drugs going into my foot but i’m just mad because i’ve been dealing with gout for the last couple of weeks that dosen’t feel like it… »6/15/15 1:02pm6/15/15 1:02pm

The Time Bill Nye Was a Jerk But Helped Save the World

I just finished my rewatch of Stargate Atlantis and got to see one of my favorite Stargate episodes, Brain Storm. In it Rodney McKay gets invited to a science presentation by an old rival of his, Tunney (Dave Foley), where he is the target of some derision since it is hard to publish research papers when you are doing… »2/10/14 6:11pm2/10/14 6:11pm