No, you can't catch up on Arrow and Flash on Netflix before their next seasons hit

Seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow are already available for streaming on Netflix, and soon we will get season 3 as well as The Flash season 1. On the same day their next seasons air to be exact. So if you want to DVR or Hulu the episodes you can stream the previous seasons and then catch up on the current one I suppose. »9/29/15 2:16am9/29/15 2:16am

Avenged (aka Savaged) - Must See Revenge Horror

At it's heart Avenged (aka Savaged) is a revenge film. In reality it's a supernatural horror film with a considerable amount of action. Had it been a war movie no one would say it's a horror film just because of the violence, but because it involves spirit possession, a reanimated corpse and a lot of internal… »3/31/15 7:27pm3/31/15 7:27pm