Whose Line is it Anyway returns to television tonight

Even though I have grave concerns about just how good it is going to be with all of the differences from the original program I have chosen to remain optimistic. And to celebrate this return to television I have collected some of my favorite Whose Line moments for us all to enjoy. You will enjoy it. I insist. » 7/16/13 3:21pm 7/16/13 3:21pm

Ryan and Colin present Songs of Science Fiction

I've grown impatient waiting for the new Whose Lines series. I realize it was only just announced, but rationality and patience are not my strong suits when it comes to waiting for shows I like. So I've started re-watching all of the old version. This clip is one of my favorites. I'm partial to Asteroid Boogaloo. » 3/23/13 10:47pm 3/23/13 10:47pm