Your favorite internet pirate cat has been catnapped. Aisley Deymonaz woke to find that the screen had been removed and Sir Stuffington was gone.

If you live in Portland and hear of who might've taken Sir Stuffington there is a reward. Or if there are roomers of a swashbuckling cat marauding about, be sure to share.


Update- Seems he's been found and may not have been napped at all. From facebook:


I have an announcement! Stuffy is home and safe! 12 hours later after the sun went down we found him a few blocks away and he came right up to us. He was shaken and completely terrified but in one piece! I'm sorry for the picture I have been bawling all day! And still am crying quite a bit, but he's home and safe and eating thank you for all the help and support! I need to mention that my twin sister spent 12 hours looking for him today. As well as my best friend Esmerelda. While I was at work they pounded on doors, poked around in back yards, and passed out flyers. Thank you to Amanda from Panda Paws and my Facebook friends for spreading the news and his pictures. The way the whole community came together is startling! So many wonderful people in the Pearl helped us today! I will post again after things calm down! Thank you

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