On Friday's Grimm, Portland gets a lot of unwanted visitors, including another manticore, collecting on bounties set by the Wesen Council, and Viktor and Adalind, who aren't leaving town without Diana. Meanwhile, Juliette is dealing with being a hexenbiest, and Monroe and Rosalee are back from their honeymoon just in time to help out, maybe. Spoilers after the break.

The episode starts with a menacing looking man riding into town on a motorcycle. Then we see a wesen couple who also happen to be fortune teller con artists, and the "psychic" woges to help sell the con, claiming he may become host to an animal spirit or something. While the couple are counting the money from their latest mark, they're killed by a manticore (scorpion wesen) who then uses a tablet to take pictures of their dead bodies.

The next morning the shop is a crime scene, and Sgt. Wu tells Nick and Hank that based on the wounds and traces of what seems like scorpion venom, he thinks they're dealing with a manticore. That's right, now that he also knows about wesen, Wu has taken it upon himself to study the books in the trailer, so not only is he a more competent police officer than Hank and Nick, he's now also a better Grimm, or at least to the extent he can be without having the powers.

After realizing the couple's last client was not the manticore, and after she describes the man appearing like an animal, they realize the con artists were wesen.


While this is going on Monroe and Rosalee get home from their honeymoon and Monroe of course wants to give Nick a call to make sure nothing serious is going on, and of course Nick immediately lets him know he and Hank will be stopping by for some help.

Rosalee tries calling the Wesen Council but after saying they'll get back to her, they just tell her to stay out of it, because they know she's helped the Grimm. When Nick finds another victim, a pimp who woges to scare his working girls, also sanctioned by the Council, he tells Rosalee and Monroe to go ahead and stay out of it.


Also going on is Juliette's meeting with Henrietta, the hexenbiest that Renard got her in touch with. She gets Juliette to woge to see what she's got, and takes a sample of her blood (using magic of course). Henrietta tells her she's connected to a primal force of nature now, and the blood test she's running will let her know just how powerful Juliette is now.

Juliette goes home, and while cooking dinner, accidentally levitates the salt shaker into her hand. She then tries it with the pepper mill (imagine Luke Skywalker on Hoth trying to get his lightsaber, but without the immediate threat to life), and it doesn't quite work. Just then, Nick gets home and when she turns around the pepper mill hits her in the back of her head. So she's getting there but still needs practice.

The next day Captain Renard gets an alert that Viktor and Adalind have arrived at Portland Airport, because he's smart to use his police connections to have such alerts set up. So he goes to pay them a visit.

Renard lets Nick and Hank know that Viktor and Adalind are in town, and that they're looking for his daughter and know Nick's mom has her. But he did't tell them that Nick has his powers back, and of course he's one of 3 people who know Juliette is a hexenbiest now, so there's another surprise for Adalind lying in wait.

Nick calls Juliette to let her know Adalind is in town, and after they hang up she gets angry and woges at her veterinarian office, causing a bunch of dogs to start barking. As soon as he gets home, Nick send his mom an e-mail to let her know there are people looking for her. Not seeming too concerned, she replies with an attached picture of Diana (which self deletes a couple minutes later). Aww, how cute. Juliette also mentions something about ripping Adalind's throat out if she tries anything. I'm sure she'll get a chance to try.

Diana's father, Renard has called in one of his secret wesen helpers to try and track down Kelly Burkhart and Diana, but tells him not to engage, he just wants to know where they are. And tells him to be careful because she's a Grimm.


Then Nick gets a break on the manticore case when they're able to track him down and arrest him. But he can't get him to woge because he knows Nick is a Grimm. And how does he know? Because the Wesen Council has decided that Nick the Grimm has interfered in their matters too many times and put a bounty on him. The two wesen in charge of distributing the bounties and payments don't agree with this decision but it's out of their hands.

While he's being held, Wu is able to get into the manticore's tablet and find pictures taken of the previous victims, which at least puts him at the scene of the crime, and they learn that there's a bounty on Nick, and that's why the manticore wouldn't woge in front of him.

At least he's worth a lot, Nick should take some consolation from that.

During all this, Juliette has gone back to see Henrietta because her blood was so powerful it burned through her desk. She tells Juliette that she needs to embrace what she is now because there's no going back. Juliette freaks out and woges, and causes everything in the house to shake before Henrietta slaps her to get her to calm down.


Back at the precinct, the officer that Nick tells not to go anywhere near the manticore does exactly that, is stabbed by the stinger and his keys are taken so the manticore can escape.

Nick calls Juliette, who's been practicing her woge, to warn her only for her phone to be snatched by the bounty hunter who tells Nick to go home alone if he wants to see her alive. He then tells Juliette he won't kill her, just the Grimm, but when Juliette tries to attack him with a fireplace poker, he decides it might be better if Nick comes home to find her dead. And that's when Juliette unleashes the biest. She says "maybe he should come home and find you dead", and then this happens.

That's right, she used her powers to stop his stinger, and then stabbed him with his own stinger! Earlier while watching the episode, I had remarked to my girlfriend "how great would it be if she used her powers to make him sting himself?" and the show actually made it happen!


And just when you think it can't get any better, Nick comes rushing home completely worried, asking where he is, and Juliette casually nods towards the corpse. And then we get this exchange.

As Nick is apologizing for not being there to protect her, Juliette tells him he can't always be and she needs to protect herself. It looks like she's finally going to embrace her life as a hexenbiest. Look on the bright side, you seem to be a very powerful one.


The two guys at the Wesen Council get the news that their bounty hunter is dead and hope out loud that neither the Council nor the Grimm take it personally.


Finally! It took a few episodes but it looks like Juliette is now on board with being a hexenbiest. The team could certainly use the extra fire power.


In her defense, Juliette has tried to tell Nick twice now but then he interrupts with big news like "the Wesenrein took Monroe" or "there's a bounty hunter who might try to attack you to get to me", but she needs to just tell him already.

It doesn't seem to be common knowledge for hexenbiest that a Grimm's blood can take away their powers, which makes sense, why tell them their weakness if you can use it to surprise them. But I get the feeling that because of how she got her powers, Nick's blood won't work to take away Juliette's powers. That's what I hope anyway, she's a much better character this way.

The show keeps reminding us that Grimm and hexenbiest are mortal enemies, but so were Grimm and blutbad so I'm sure Nick will easily make an exception to his girlfriend who he's proposed to twice and shares a home with.

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