10 months after hastily placing my pre-order, Big Chief Studios finally shipped my 1:6 Sherlock figure. It's a bit bigger than what I'd usually collect, but for my first foray into this scale of collectable... I'm pretty impressed.

I never usually spend a great deal of time looking at the packaging my assorted goodies come in, but man, the box for this figure is incredibly well made. It's a nice, thick cardboard and has a real heft to it, and it's covered with promotional art of the figure itself. What I like the most is the fact that the actual front side of the box is actually attached by magnets - you remove it to see the figure in its packaging, but the inside of it acts as a diorama to put your figure in - in Sherlock's case, it's the fireplace side of the living room in 221b Baker Street.

The base! Which tells me this is figure 290 of the 1000 in existence. Well, technically it's 1,400 - there were another 400 made as a 'Signature Edition' that came with a plaque signed by Benedict Cumberbatch.

And here he is, out of the box! I think my only minor disappointment with the figure over all is that the clothes are a little *too* bulky. They're wonderfully detailed and tailored, but the coat especially (and the way his scarf was tied out of the box, which isn't how he wears it in the show at all) makes Sherlock look very bulky, and it can be tough to get it to articulate under all those layers of material. Patience and a deft touch is definitely needed.

The figure comes with an amazing amount of accessories - and, rather creepily, 3 extra pairs of disembodied hands. There's the Skull from the fireplace, a mobile phone, a watch, magnifying glass, notebook and pen, as well as Sherlock's violin and bow (each of which actually has individual threads of string on them). The notebook actually has individual pages in it as well, but I think my favourite of the accessories is the violin, which has an incredibly detailed wood effect to it, and the strings on it are properly tightened and attached the tuners correctly. It's symbolic of the outstanding detail found across the figure - from the likeness to the clothes, it's extremely well done.

You can remove the coat to find Sherlock wearing a suit with a dark purple shirt (made out of some sort of silky fabric that actually feels really nice) underneath, and whilst it doesn't look as bulky or oversized as the coat, it still sits a little awkwardly. I spend a lot of time tugging at it around the shoulders to try and flatten it out a bit more, and it's has helped, but I think it's just the inherent problem of trying to properly tailor clothes at this scale. They look great overall though. What is neat, although it's not that strong, is that there's a magnet sown into the jacket around the button, so you can 'button' it up. He looks nicer a bit more casual though.

Sherlock ponders the meaning of life. And if John has left the kettle on.

To be or not to be, that is the question!

That skull actually has a lot of heft to it, to the point made it bloody hard to get Sherlock to keep it held up - it kept weighing down on the wrist joint!

The face sculpt itself is really well done, and packed with detail that my camera simply couldn't do justice. If you get up really close you can actually see the texture of the skin, tiny pockmarks and imperfections. It's a little uncanny valley thanks to the neutral expression, but it captures Benedict Cumberbatch spot on.

Although I dislike the bulkiness of the trenchoat, I ended up putting it back on to display Sherlock as it really is his 'iconic' look. I also ended up refolding his scarf properly and tying it in a Parisian knot, true to how Sherlock actually wears it in the show, and it looks much, much better! I actually had to look up how to tie it properly. For a fancy, expensive doll. What is my life?


I ended up also spending about 5-10 minutes holding down and folding the lapels and collar of the coat so it shaped into something a bit closer to how it hands in the series (at one point I actually considered getting the iron out to do it that way, but then I realised there was no way in hell I'd put an iron anywhere remotely near the clothes of a £150 figure!), and whilst it's not perfect, it looks better than it did out of the box.

Overall, I'm really pleased with Sherlock. The amount of detail in every little bit of him is mindblowing once you get him into your hands - like I said, the pictures on my crappy camera really cannot do him justice. Although I don't think (much to the exultation of my wallet) 1:6-scale collecting will be something I get into over my beloved smaller action figures, it's nice to have one and really see just why people love them so much. Big Chief have knocked it out of the park this time... they're meant to be doing a Twelfth Doctor later this year, and I could very easily be tempted to put down a pre-order after this!