The Daily Challenge

Here's the thing. I love to write. I also love writing posts on here. But I want to make sure what I'm writing is actually something you all enjoy reading.

So I'm offering the following: Each morning, I'll post Call to Challenge. You all comment on what you'd like to see me write about, and that night I'll write a post reflecting whoever gets the most stars.

Some things to know about me. I have a Bachelor's in History, know way too much about movies, television, comics, and books; and am quite the connoisseur of exoplanetary science, futurology, wormhole physics, and parallel universes. I also have an imagination that could power the world a thousand times over were it to be harnessed. So all requests are welcome. You can ask me to write about anything.


But please, no porn. I do have a tiny bit of class, after all.

The Challenge!