The season 4 finale of Grimm picks up right where last week’s episode left off, and a lot happens, and a lot of stories get resolved, but not without something to keep us hanging over a cliff until next season. Spoilers after the break.

Picking up right where last week left off, Nick has just discovered his mom’s head in a box, and Hank lets Trubel know who it is. Trubel smartly figures out they’re probably still being watched and need to get out of there.

At one point, Nick tries to get back, but Hank points out these aren’t the guys that did it, they need to find out who gave the order. Trubel mentions that hundjager she killed had a Verat tattoo which means they’re dealing with the royals. Nick has her get the head she cut off, and then they call in Wu. Who sees Trubel again for the first time since learning about all the Grimm and Wesen stuff. Good thing too.

Trubel drops the head in the trunk and they head to Bud’s.

(Update 5/19: gifs from fuckyeahnickburkhardt on tumblr)

Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee are explaining to Renard that Jack left because being from the 1800s, he would have known about bullets but not non-lethal rubber bullets, so he would have been convinced his host body was dying. Sean is relieved to be free of his influence, but even if it wasn’t really him, there are 3 dead women and he’s in charge of finding the killer.

He goes to the precinct and is updated on the case, with the 3 murders and 1 escaped witness, who mentioned a cop helped her get away, but they assume it was security guard since no one (Sgt. Wu) called it in. She couldn’t see him very well so they have a vague description of his build and that he had an English accent. The Captain won’t have to worry about being a suspect.

While this is happening, Kenneth brings Diana and Juliette to the Royal Family’s temporary estate outside of Portland. Where Diana is introduced to her grandfather (and Sean’s father) the King.

Kenneth also introduces Juliette, mentioning how this wouldn’t be possible without her help and the king admits to having a soft spot for hexenbiests (no kidding). Unfortunately for Kenneth, he gets a call from Marcus letting him know that Nick got away. Also not good for Kenneth was he put this on speaker so everyone heard. The king sends him to tie up that loose end and when he tries to bring Juliette along the king tells him her job is done and this is on him.


He lets Juliette know that hexenbiests are treated well for their gifts. After she brings up that he’s tried to have his own son Sean and his hexenbiest mother killed, he makes it clear that was the queen and she’s dead now.

Nick heads back to Bud’s to ask Adalind what she knows, and in keeping with the last few episodes, she’s very helpful. Not that she isn’t motivated, with Nick’s mother dead, that means the royals have Diana.

So Nick figures even if they’re not at the hotel, they wouldn’t have checked out just yet, and since Adalind still has her key, a plan is concocted.

Adalind returns to the hotel with the head Trubel provided, now wrapped in plastic. She plants it in a closet, then pretends to open it and let out a scream after seeing the head.

The plan works, and the police are called in.

This allows Nick and Hank to request names and license plates of everyone that was staying in the room, including Kenneth. An APB is put out to find them. There’s also a nice moment where Adalind tells Nick she’s sorry about her mom, especially knowing that she died protecting Diana. She also seems to have made peace with Kelly having been the one to kill her own mom, probably because she helped her and Diana get out of Europe and back to Portland.


While looking over the info on Kenneth, Nick pieces together that he may have been the reason the bed sheets at the house were a mess, and that Juliette is who called in his mom and set her up. As seen in this clip (sorry to anyone region locked out).

While this is happening, Nick has also asked Trubel and Bud to get Monroe and Rosalee since the royals may know about the spice shop and even their home. So now Bud’s house is the safest place to be and their temporary HQ. Good thing is family is out of town. On the way to Monroe & Rosalee’s, Trubel gets a phone call, and we hear a woman’s voice saying she’ll check in again, but Trubel replies no, wait until they get Monroe and Rosalee to safety.

Then they arrive at Monroe’s house and get them back to Bud’s. Gotta say, I’m really glad Bud has been in the last few episodes, I like him.

After they’re all at Bud’s, Trubel learns that Juliette is a hexenbiest now, and is shocked.

Kenneth, on the hunt for Nick, goes back to the hotel, and is immediately surrounded by police and arrested. It helps them that he has some weapons on his person when they search him.

But once he’s taken away, he doesn’t go to jail. His driver, who turns out to be Sgt. Wu instead takes him to an abandoned warehouse outside of Portland.

Wu knocks him down, uncuffs him, and then drives out, where he waits with Hank. Someone else is waiting for Kenneth inside.

Kenneth makes sure to let Nick know that he’s the one who killed Kelly, and that he slept with Juliette. He tells by helping the royals get Diana back, Juliette has reshaped the future. Nick lets him know he won’t be around to see it. Then they fight, and it’s a good brutal fight. (As soon as I can find some, I’ll add gifs).

Kenneth picks up and is quickly diarmed of a pipe, and then Nick reveals he’s got a weapon too.

He says “for my mother” and gets his revenge.

And he won’t be getting up this time.

One Royal down, a whole castle to go. Nick gathers the troops, but tells Wu to stay away, he doesn’t want to drag him into this any more than he already has. Monroe volunteers to join the group, and Rosalee stays behind to help protect Adalind and Bud. Leaving them to discuss what they think will happen with Adalind and the new baby. Neither expect Nick to move in with her or anything, and Bud says Juliette was perfect for him, but the old Juliette not the new crazy one. Then he wonders out loud what they’ll name the kid, and this is Rosalee’s reaction to that. Bud needs to be in more one on one scenes with everybody.

On the way to the castle, they realized they’re being tailed, and pull over to see who it is. It’s some much needed backup. And he’s brought a boomstick (tm).

Inside the castle, Grandpa The King is playing with his granddaughter. He builds a nice little one, and Diana knocks it down. Then she uses her powers to show grandpa what a real block castle looks like.

Outside the real castle, here are the guards, they won’t be making it through the night.

Nick takes out two with a crossbow, Trubel uses the spike club on another, and then they storm the castle. I wouldn’t say they have fun doing it, but they sure make sure to kill everyone. Good thing Wu brought his shotgun.

Hank gets thrown around a bit, but Monroe helps out with the wesen, and Hank manages to kill the Verat Leader, Marcus Rispoli.

But even though everyone else is dead or brutally beaten, the King manages to escape with Diana, and presumably Juliette, in his helicopter. Nick makes it outside just in time to see it take off.

They regroup at Bud’s house and Nick tells Adalind he wasn’t able to get Diana back and seems sincere in his apology. He lets Monroe and Rosalee they’re safe to go home, but Adalind should stay at Bud’s a little longer until they sort everything out. Hank offers to go talk to Captain Renard and let him know what’s been going on.

Renard is relieved he doesn’t have to tell Adalind about Diana, but doesn’t feel there’s anything they can do if his father has her now. He lets Hank know they should be fine since they didn’t use any of their police issued firearms, and the place is outside their jurisdiction. He takes some comfort in knowing that Kenneth is dead, and even more when Hank also suggests that Kenneth might fit the description of the Jack the Ripper killer.

So it’s off to the abandoned warehouse to plant some evidence and close the case.

And we’re not quite done with the royals just yet. The king is telling Diana that they’re heading to a big boat that will take them home, and making sure she knows she’s an actual princess, it’s not just a figure of speech. Diana then points him to the helicopter window because there’s something he should see.

That’s not a good reflection to have. Diana’s eyes then glow purple again and things aren’t looking so good for the king.

After he’s been tossed to his death, the pilot removes the helmet to reveal himself to Diana.

Apparently he’s still very much alive, and one of the few people Diana trusts, since she somehow remembers he’s the one who helped deliver her and get her to safety.


So she’s either going to be returned to her mother or she’s going to be taking charge of the family over in Europe. We’ll have to find out next season.

Nick returns to the house, and there’s one last loose end to tie up. As seen in this clip.

(Gifs will be added as soon as I find some). For those unable to watch, Juliette has also returned to the house, tells Nick she didn’t know they’d kill his mother, she just thought they wanted Diana. Nick starts to choke her, and she begs him to kill her.

But he can’t bring himself to do it, and she woges and knocks him around. He tells her he’s done fighting, but she isn’t and is about to kill him. But as soon as she says “goodbye Nick”, she hears Trubel tell her “goodbye Juliette”.

But it’s not over yet. As Nick mourns the loss of his former love, a raiding party shows up at his house.

And they’re led by none other than FBI Special Agent Chavez, who also happens to be a steinadler who had previously approached Trubel to work for her mysterious wesen organization. And her orders? “Get her”.


Holy crap! They really cleaned house this episode. The only one I was really expecting was Kenneth. I was holding out hope Juliette would be set up as the main villain for next season but so much for that. Although I like the idea of the team being up against some wesen organization with members in the FBI.


It seems like Chavez was on the other side of that phone call with Trubel, so “get her” could just mean an extraction. She’s probably not aware Nick is a Grimm unless Trubel sold him out. Maybe she’s going to be the villain. Would be interesting for it to be another Grimm.

Really enjoyed the brutal fight with Nick and Kenneth, and wish there was a clip of that, not sure why there isn’t. And always like when Renard doesn’t let a dead body go to waste when he can also pin a series of murders on it.

Really looking forward to see how next season starts off.

What did you all think?

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On a final note, I’d like to thank everyone who read these recaps (and especially those who participated in the comments). What’s that? Me thank you? No, it’s not a mistake. For you see, I enjoyed writing these recaps as much as you enjoyed reading them (and probably more).

Until next season.