On last night’s Grimm, ongoing plotlines continue to converge, but first Nick has 3 nights to deal with what would be an interesting case, if it didn’t get in the way of the grander story arch. Spoilers after the break.

The episode has 2 stories going on, the war between HW and Black Claw, and the various parties involved, and a police case involving the full moon and a “dog attack”. The case on its own is interesting but not when more important stuff is happening in the wide world of wesen.

It starts with a man driving, right before sunset, on his way to visit his mom. His tire blows out, he hits a tree, see it’s almost dark, gets very panicky, and starts running to the woods. The next time we see him, he’s woged, revealing himself as a blutbad and then we hear some screams.

He’s found the next morning, lying on the road by a truck driver who manages to stop before running him over. His shirt is covered in blood and the cops are called in. Nick and Hank talk with the man, who introduces himself as Doyle Baske, and offer to drive him to his car and then to his mom’s house in exchange for answering a few questions about the “man and his dog” that he says attacked him. Wu had informed them there were no signs of dog bites but one human bite, and maybe there’s something wesen going on.

Nick and Hank ask Monroe and Rosalee to help track where Doyle might have been attacked, and the scents lead them to a couple of dead cross country hikers and something Monroe describes as “blutbad like, but not quite”.

Monroe believes Doyle is suffering from Lycanthropia, a rare blutbad disease that causes them to go insane during the 3 nights of a full moon. He had thought it was wiped out because in the old days blutbad would kill any of their children who showed the symptoms. Incidentally, this is also what started the legend of werewolves.

Nick and Hank fill in Renard and tell him they want to put Doyle in a cell to see if he’s the Lycanthrope. Renard warns them that he comes from a rich and powerful family so there could be trouble but ultimately it’s better to have him locked up instead of out and killing people. They get Doyle to the cell and call over Monroe and Rosalee who arrive with a crossbow and some sedative bolts to knock him out once he changes. But it turns out it’s not him, it’s his mom, who is now trying to restrain herself with duct tape (good for everything!) but without Doyle home to add barricades on the other side of her containment room, she gets out, and a chase ensues.

Nice house!

During the chase, Wu gets attacked, and despite Doyle’s attempts to fight her off and talk her down, the team is forced to open fire on the werewolf, aka his mom, Eliza Baske. Since she’s actually just a super-blutbad, silver bullets aren’t required, as seen in this clip.

She seems almost relieved to have this cursed life ended. After getting home, Wu notices a scratch on his leg from when werewolf-Eliza was clawing at him. And since this isn’t a traditional werewolf, it’s unknown if the rare blutbad disease can be passed on to a human, but Wu has a pretty rough night’s sleep on with the full moon shining down. Hope that’s the worst of it, he’s had enough problems caused by wesen curses. But if he gets some extra strength 3 nights a month, that could come in handy.

As for the big story, the war between HW & Black Claw, we start “2 nights ago” with Nick sneaking off from bed, taking the box with the magic stick in it, and hiding it behind some bricks in the tunnel underneath his new home. Not quite as hard to find as that place in the Black Forrest but also underground and won’t take a long flight to get to it.

Then he tries again to get that door open and this time it works! And what’s behind the door is more tunnel. While he’s down there, Adalind gets another call from Renard, asking to meet the next morning. Since Nick will be busy working on that werewolf case they meet up at some cafe, where Sean and Adalind share information and now both know that Meisner was on the helicopter, killed the king, and got Diana, who is probably with the resistance but not with the royal family. Sean also now knows Adalind is getting her powers back after she accidentally has a cup of water fly into her hand. She has him promise not to tell Nick, and he warns her what happened to the last hexenbiest he lived with. But to be fair, Juliette was actively trying to kill him and his friends so that’s not quite the same.


He says he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Adalind leaves, after somewhat threateningly telling Renard she hopes nothing happens to him either.

Later on, Sean gets a call from Rachel Wood, who’s being pressured by Lucien to get him on their side, asking to meet at his office. He agrees, and when she leaves her home, Eve, who had been staking out her home, goes in, using her powers to unlock the door. She finds the campaign poster and takes a picture of it, and the mailing tube it was sent in.

When Rachel shows up at Renard’s office, she shows him that the numbers for the other guy running for mayor are still down after his drug bust story got released to the press. Renard first makes it clear that the guy did it to himself, and that he’s not sure he’s interested in being mayor, maybe he likes what he does now. She makes it clear he needs to decide soon if he wants to be mayor.

After Nick had called Monroe and Rosalee over with the sedative for their werewolf suspect, he gets a call from Eve, saying she’s in their garage and wants to meet with him and Hank. She shows him the pictures she took of the campaign poster and the tube, with a postmark dated before Dixon’s assassination, indicating that someone in his support team knew about it. She tells them it was Rachel Wood, but wants them to find out if Renard knew too. Hank tells Nick the footage they watched shows how shocked the captain was, and there’s no way he knew, but Nick wants to find out if he knows now. They don’t have a chance to talk to him because of the lycanthrope case, but I’m sure they’ll get to it.


When Adalind tells Renard she doesn’t think Nick would kill her because they have a son together, he reminds her they have a daughter together. Then she jokes maybe she should live with both of them. Which would make for a nice sitcom spinoff. But it does bring up the question of who Diana would mainly stay with and how visitation would work. Nick and Renard would each bring different kinds of trouble in to the other’s life.


Renard is really running out of time to come clean to HW and Nick about Black Claw’s involvement in Dixon’s assassination and their further plans. The best thing to do would be to himself, Adalind, Nick, Hank, Wu, and the HW team all put their cards on the table, and work a deal with Meisner to help take down Black Claw, or the Portland branch anyway, from the inside in exchange for getting Diana back to him and Adalind.

Otherwise he’s going to have Nick after him, and Eve is already suspicious and not someone to mess with. Plus, it will be interesting to see how Eve is around Adalind. Or if she’ll notice she’s a hexenbiest again and just say it. On that note, Adalind needs to come clean to Nick about that since he made it clear he’d try to make it work After all, he also tried with Juliette but she wasn’t receptive.

Doyle either didn’t notice Nick was a Grimm, or didn’t seem too concerned about it, or about Monroe and Rosalee knowing what he was and about Lycanthropy. I guess when your mom’s a werewolf, you’ve got bigger things to worry about.


Poor Wu. I hope this doesn’t turn into anything bad. Maybe since he wasn’t a blutbad, he’ll just become a regular one the 3 nights of each full moon. So he’ll get a little extra strength, heightened senses, and be able to see Nick’s dark black eyes that look like you’re staring into your own soul. At least he won’t end up with sofa stuffing and coins in his stomach.

What did you all think?

(B-story character names that I couldn’t remember courtesy of Grimm Wiki)