When you play the Game of Intense Actor Faces, you Face or you Die. There is no middle ground. (Spoilers for The Laws of Gods And Men below!)

So I just finished this week's excellent Game of Thrones, and this scene... man, what perfection. Easily one of the best moments of the entire series - but can we just take a moment to appreciate the incredible face-game of every actor involved in the reaction to Tyrion's demand for trial by combat? I mean, come on:

Oh shit I'm in this episode ACT SURPRISED (Also featured: Loras's adorable thinking face)

A Game of Thrones Gif for a Game of Thrones Gif. Gifception!

Omg trial by combat #yaaaass


Wtf is this nonsense I need more wine

Nobody questions the majesty of Charles fucking Dance

Faintest of smirks for the giant pile of all the Emmies Peter Dinklage will win

Hot damn, people. Bravo! There needs to be a specific acting award for 'Best use of faces in a drama' just so GoT can sweep that shit. Let's enjoy that wonderful face game one more time, truly an ensemble effort: