The Hugo awards artists 2013

The Glamour! The Drama! - Names seemed familiar, here's why:

Best Professional Artist, Winner: John Picacio,

I remember his red-eyed Ghost, from the 2012 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar, Bantam, July 2011 and his cover for Times Three by Robert Silverberg, 2011.

Vincent Chong has illustrated many book covers, some creepy (in a good way.) Here's his blog.

Julie Dillon, whose Dragon Walker was on the Concept Art Writing Prompt back in May, created the Ancient Discovery cover for the Cross Genres magazine. She also created the cover for Luck of the Draw, the 36th Xanth novel. Oh my, 36th! I had no idea the Xanth series lives on! Julie appears to like animals and dragons and I'm bookmarking her site.

Dan Dos Santos has been on io9 before as well, here and here and here's how he tackled Serenity and Kalimpura.

Chris McGrath got "a special gold star in my book for being equally good at female-led and male-led urban fantasy, without drowning in a pool of cheese" in io9, from 2010.

Best Fan Artist category, winner: Galen Dara

Brad W. Foster

Spring Schoenhut

Maurine Starkey

Steve Stiles