Friday's Grimm picked up right where the fall finale left off, in Nick and Juliette's living room. And while this episode wasn't quite as exciting for our main characters as the past few have been, we do get some more answers on what's been going on, and Monroe and Rosalee get to help with the case of the week, which as you might guess from the title of this recap involves Rabbit wesen, and yes one of them is named Peter. Spoilers after the break.

First, back to the scene at Nick and Juliette's. She had just revealed that the reason their home was trashed was because she nearly killed Adalind (as seen in the previous episode Trial by Fire) and gives Nick a visual confession that she's now a hexenbiest.

Nick's reaction is actually pretty reasonable. He pulls his gun on her, thinking it's Adalind again and he's not falling for that twice.

Once Juliette proves it's really her, by recounting the time Nick proposed and she said no (because she could tell he was keeping secrets, which at the time was his being a Grimm), they talk about it.

After mentioning that she was afraid Nick might kill her, he assures Juliette that he would never do that and they're going to figure this out. Then he says he's going out, and he doesn't know where. Lucky for him (and unlucky for someone else), he gets a call about a homicide, which we'll get to a little later. He comes back the next morning, and after learning about her, asks if he can go visit Henrietta, and Juliette writes down the address for Nick to memorize, and lets him know she's not the one scrambling them.


After he brings it up to her, Henrietta lets Nick know in no uncertain terms that Grimm's blood won't work on Juliette (yay!) because she was turned into, not born as, a hexenbiest. He can either accept her as she is now, or try to kill her.

While this is going on, Juliette is trying on the ring Nick had used to propose but then sees how it looks on her finger when she'd woge'd.

On the plus side, she seems to be getting a much better handle on her transformations.


Nick and Juliette's story in this episode ends with him stepping up and telling her he wants to make it work, and he's not going anywhere, but Juliette forces him to face the reality of the situation, that it's not going to be so simple. I still think they'll work it out though.

My prediction is that at some point, Nick will ask for Juliette's help on a case, because he could use the extra firepower, and after a heated battle of them fighting side by side, they'll embrace in a passionate kiss while she's still woged. But for now, they got issues to sort out.

The case itself is pretty straight forward. There's a Leporem Venator, a fox-like wesen, who hunts Willahara, a rabbit wesen in order to cut off their foot while they're woged, because a wesen rabbit's foot is considered good luck for fertility by superstitious wesen couples.

The rabbit in the gif is the mother of 2, one of them being Peter Rabbit (or actually Peter Bennett, but we know who he is). After his foot was cut off and he was killed, his mom calls the cops and team Grimm go in to investigate. After seeing her woge, Nick lets Hank and Wu know that she was some kind of rabbit creature. At which point Wu puts his unique combination of detective skills and knowledge of wesen and/or human superstition to suggest it's a wesen "lucky rabbit's foot" thing.

Nick asks Monroe and Rosalee if they know anything about it and they tell him about the fertility superstition and then offer to go undercover to find out which wesen doctor is facilitating this brutal practice. It turns out to be one of the doctor's nurses, and after Nick asks that they keep her from leaving, this happens.

Anytime on this show a character does something that makes another one say "damn", it's always something great.


Peter Rabbit's sister has been kidnapped, but Team Grimm PD are able to find the last couple to purchase a foot and find out where. After which Nick awesomely threatens them with "I can't arrest you for this, but good luck facing the Wesen Council." Nice to see he's not letting their having tried to kill him get in the way of name dropping them for scares.

After a fight and a chase, Peter's sister Chloe gets some payback, including stabbing the guy's foot. And then Nick and Hank show up just in time to fill him with lead before he can do anything about it.

In the other side story going on, Adalind approaches Renard to try and make a deal because she's smart enough to know that Viktor will betray her as soon as he has Diana. She also figures out that Juliette being a hexenbiest means Nick is a Grimm again, and that Henrietta is helping her. Renard is his usual cool self about it.

And it's Adalind's visit to Henrietta that ends the episode on a bombshell. I think she takes it well.


A Grimm-Hexenbiest baby will be very cool to see, Diana's going to have an even more powerful sibling. Even though it won't have any royal blood I'm sure Viktor will still be interested. Would be great if the baby has red hair and turns out to be biologically Juliette's because of the spell.


The best moments were the sister breaking free and putting the beat down on her captor, and Rosalee clocking that Drang-Zorn without even needing to woge.

I'm so glad it's now established that Grimm's blood won't work on Juliette and she's staying a Hexenbiest, because she's so much cooler now.

Still waiting for the scene where she tells Rosalee and Monroe, and for Nick to let Hank and Wu know. He also needs to start asking for her to help on wesen cases, but maybe after she gets more control over her powers.

What did you all think?

Wesen info (and gifs) from the Grim Wiki. Gifs from tumblr: dailygrimm & mycroftplayingoperation). Thanks to Cheryl for mainpaging!