With the coming release of Street Fighter V, it’s time for us to take a look back and remember all the fond memories we have of the series. As such, let’s discuss who is the best of the best, the champion of champions. To see who are the best Street Fighter characters.

While Soul Edge/Calibur and Tekken are my favourite fighting games, the street fighter series has a place in my heart with Street Fighter 3 Third Strike being my favourite in the series followed close by Ultra Street Fighter 4.


And of course, this is just my own personal list, please feel free to say and discuss who your favourites are.

Also, please don’t hate me for making a listicle, please? I’ve made you all banoffee cheesecakes.

10. Elena

Elena is one of the many new characters to appear in the Street Fighter 3 era of games and one of the few dance based characters in the Street Fighter series.


Elena is a rare exception for me in that she is a dancing based character I like playing as. I often find dance based characters very difficult to control and it nearly always feels like I am not fully able to play the character right. However, I feel Elena has a good balance of unique dance based attacks without them being to over the top.

I enjoy how easy going she is and how much of an opposite she is to many of the Street Fighter 3 characters who are mostly moody or super 90s serious. Plus, she was able to make Akuma be friendly to her which given that he is a person who gave his humanity and goodness to be the best fighter in the world, that is a feat to be respected.

9. Vega

Vega is one of those characters that is not on the list because I enjoy playing as him. The thing is, I am not a big fan of charge attacks as I always miss time them and I always feel they leave me to attack. Thankfully, Vega’s attacks have been changed in Street Fighter V (or at least in the Beta) which removes all his charge attacks so I don’t need to worry about them anymore.

The reason he is one this list then is because of his appearance and his personality, both of which I enjoy very much. I just like the sexy psycho I guess… DON’T JUDGE ME!

I also have a theory on Vega. I believe that he is a double agent for the Illuminati, secretly manipulating Shadaloo and M. Bison (as in the dictator). The reason I believe this is because Gill said the Illuminati was secretly controlling Shadaloo all along (something even Bison didn’t know), he has the same fixation on perfection as the Illuminati has and he will disobey orders like not killing Cammy in Alpha 3.

8. Twelve

Aka, the Street Fighter equivalent of the T-1000, Twelve is basically a gooey shapeshifter and can change his form at will. As of now, the only appearance Twelve has had is in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.


I really wish Twelve was in more games then just that because Twelves has avery unique playstyle. From Twelves spider walk, there jet form, there axes and being able to change into any other fighter. Can you just imagine what that would look like today or what else you could do with a character that can turn into anything?

Sadly, Twelve’s personality is lacking though that is mostly due to the fact they aren’t actually sentient until Twelves ending (Better not tell Supergirl that though, she’ll vaporise them if she ever found out). It’ another reason why Twelve need to be in another game, I would love to see what type of personality Twelve would develop.

7. Chun-Li

The leading lady of fighting games, Chun-Li is an icon in video games and has pretty much replaced Ken nowadays in being the co trademark character of Street Fighter along with Ryu.


Like with Vega, I struggle with playing as Chun-Li due to all of her charge attacks, especially her trademark attack the spinning bird kick due to the need of having to hold down, then press up and then kick. I rarely get it to work in harder difficulties and online.

Chun-Li is a great character and really does deserve to be the main character more than Ryu does. Unlike Ryu who hasn’t had any main significance to the plot since the Alpha era, Chun-Li has had major plot significance in the Alpha, 2 and 4 era games and in 3 Third Strike, she basically does a recreation of the film commando where she goes on a one woman army to rescue her adopted daughter from the Illuminati.

She also has a really nice and caring attitude and that is evened out by being stern and forceful if need be. She is just an all-round well rounded character.


Plus, she is also an Interpol agent, a teacher of Kung-Fu and a mother of at least nine adopted children and still has free time. Damn, she must have the best time management then anyone in the world.

6. Yun & Yang

Okay let me get this out of the way first. For fictional characters, I find Yun and Yang very attractive, probably Yun more than Yang but only by a little bit.


As the name suggests, they have a yin yang thing going on, with Yun being the more loud mouth and cocky one, while Ying is the more quieter and patient one. This also goes into their actions as on the one hand they protect their neighborhood in Hong Kong, but they can only do that because of the resources of their godfathers who are all prominent and powerful people in the Hong Kong underground (I wonder if in-universe Chun-Li knew that?)

Both are very fun to play in the Street Fighter 3 era games and they were my mains for most of my online games. They aren’t as good in the 4 era games, but still very fun.

5. Makoto

Like Twelve earlier, she also first appeared in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. She isn’t the fastest character in the game, in fact she is one of the slowest. However, what she lacks in speed, she makes up for it with her strength and power.


I don’t normally like those type of characters and really don’t like playing Hugo or Zangief. Makoto is the exception to that however, as I feel her size and quick attacks make her more useful and enjoyable to play as.

One of the other main reasons I like her is actually a meta one and has to do with her English voice actor, Jessica D. Stone. I’ve never really liked any of the dubs for the Dragon Ball Anime. Ian James Corlett Always sounded way too much like a generic superhero and Sean Schemmel voice felt too deep for Goku. Jessica’s performance for Makoto however I feel would be perfect for an English dub of Goku and I like to imagine I’m playing Goku when I choose Makoto.

4. Ken

This is something that I usually find about fighting games, I find the main protagonists boring. From Liu Kang, Siegfried, Jin, Kasumi and most boring of all, Akria from Virtua Fighter. Ryu is no exception in that regard as I find him rather dull and stiff.


Ken on the other hand I find has a lot more life to him and when they started to give him more unique attacks, I preferred his kick based combat more than Ryu’s fist based combat (making him the Hitmonlee to Ryu’s Hitmonchan). When it comes to choosing between the two starter fighters, I’ll pick Ken every time.

He’s cocky and a bit of a show off, but at the same time, he has a lot of heart and comes across as really nice person, even if he sometimes has eyebrows that would make Heihachi jealous.

3. Cammy

Debuting in Super Street Fighter 2, Cammy is one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter series. She is my main when I play the Street Fighter 2 games and overall, I find her to be a very balanced and enjoyable character to play as.


I’m not oblivious however that her costume is silly and makes no sense. In V especially, her unitard just looks painful to wear as it is so tight that we can now see her belly button. I do wish she had a more reasonable costume that make sense for a member of the Special Forces, like what Sonya wears in Mortal Kombat X.

That said, she has one of the interesting backstories in the games and her motivations is one I would like to see explored more in Street Fighters V story modes.


Plus her love for cats makes me smile every time I see it. She’s the crazy cat lady of Street Fighter!

2. M. Bison

Now it is the time for the mighty Bison to enter the list.

Okay let’s get this out of the way first, I prefer to call him M. Bison over Vega. I just think it work better for him and it is what I’ve been calling him since childhood.


I love villains who are complex, have a deep and thought provoking backstories and have valid reasons for his actions. But… I also love deliciously evil villains that have no reason for wanting to be evil, but are so fun and charismatic that you just don’t care.

This is the case with M. Bison.

Bison is another character here that is on the list on pure personality and design alone because I’m not very good playing as him, just too slow for my tastes. But like I said, the character himself more than makes up for that.

Plus, he is the best thing in the original live-action Street Fighter film:

1. Juri Han

Juri is a very recent character in the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Super Street Fighter 4 in 2010. Despite this, she has become a very popular character in the fandom, has received her own OVA, was a playable character in Street Fighter x Tekken and if it is not obvious by her being #1, she is my favourite character.


Her fighting style is perfect for me, having the right amount of speed, strength and power for my personal preferred way to play the games. From the Senpusha which is perfect for taking out the opposing player in close combat, to the glory that is the Feng Shui Engine:

However, her personality is also what makes her my favourite. I just love the playful evil attitude she has that pours into everything she does. From the confidence and joyful way she speaks (both in English and in Japanese) in the cut scenes and intro, to her interactions with other characters like Cammy and Chun-Li. From even just the small touches they added like her little, “whatever” she does when kicking you.

I could go on and on and on about why I like her so much, but I don’t think you people reading this would want to read me fan squealing for a 5000 word dissertation on why Juri Han is so awesome.


I highly recommend you go and watch the OVA I mentioned earlier called… Super Street Fighter IV OVA (yeah, not the most creative of titles) because it perfectly encapsulate everything that is great about her. Plus, it has one of the greatest curb stomps in the history of Street Fighter.