On the Grimm winter finale, Trubel fills Nick in on what’s been going on, the Wesen Uprising attack small shop owners, and Meisner sends Nick some major help right when he needs it. Game changing spoilers after the break.

The episode opens with a huge gathering of wesen thugs getting ready to start trouble “at midnight, no sooner”. And if anyone gets in the way, that’s their problem.

At the stroke of midnight, they get out of their cars and start smashing up shop windows, and beat up the few shop owners that are still around, all while fully woged, not concerned if people see their faces. One gets a black bag put over his head and taken, and another is not so lucky. The gang leader is a skalengeck and more than happy to woge and fatally bite his neck.

Trubel wakes up, after having what sounds like nightmares, to see Nick holding a baby and asking how she’s feeling. Adalind walks in and lets her know she’s been asleep for 25 hours (anyone else jealous of that?) and that they’re both glad she’s ok. Adalind lets her know the baby was named Kelly after Nick’s mom, and after offering her some food (which all looks really good by the way), which she graciously accepts, Trubel lets Nick and Adalind know what she’s been up to.

It turns out she’s been working for a secret government organization so secret most of the rest of the government isn’t aware of them. They’re called HW, or “Hadrian’s Wall” or something like that, according to Trubel, and they’re fighting a wesen uprising, and they need Grimms on their side. She joined after they followed her to Seattle when she took Josh back home, and they’ve sent her to other countries, and she’s worked with other Grimms and is aware of some she hasn’t met also working for HW. They also pay her pretty well, in cash.


They’d been keeping an eye on Nick because he knew Trubel, and eventually figured out he was a Grimm himself. They also know Adalind was a hexenbiest but isn’t anymore and that she had a baby, but they have no intention to try and take Kelly from her. Nick then asks her to show him her motorcycle. In addition to the crossbow bolts, it also has an oil slick switch, knockout gas, internet, GPS, and can track any phone number, which is how she found Nick’s new not so secret home. Just after she gives Nick a hug, from being glad to see him again, he gets a call from Wu about a massive crime spree and he’s off.

No one has any theories so far, but Wu does. There’s a mark on the wall of the bakery that looks familiar. Uh oh!

The next morning, all the violence has made the news, and it’s happening in other cities in Portland and in Seattle. Monroe and Rosalee recognize some of the names of the shop owner victims as friends. Bud shows up at their house after hearing the news on the radio and he went to highschool with one of the victim’s brother.

Monroe and Rosalee know the missing shop owner, Xavier Arivaca, who has (had?) a bakery, and is a hasenfussige schnecke. Monroe, Rosalee and Bud give Nick a call to let him know the victims are all wesen and he decides to bring over Hank to compare notes.

Meanwhile, we see Xander taken somewhere and the black bag pulled off. He’s then questioned by the gang leader if he knows someone in a picture. After saying no a couple times, the gang leader woges and threatens him, and we get a view of the picture.

They’re after Monroe. Because this wesen groups doesn’t seem to have learned from other wesen groups that moving against Monroe will only turn out badly for them.

Meanwhile, back at their home, Adalind and Trubel talk about Meisner and Diana.

Trubel may know for a fact that Diana’s ok if she knows Meisner killed the king and took her with him, but Adalind isn’t so sure because Trubel doesn’t know the royals like she does, and she doesn’t know the royals don’t actually have her.


Adalind also promises not to tell Nick that the reason Trubel went back to his house was to get Juliette.

And Trubel asks Adalind point blank if she has feelings for Nick. Which she denies, but not as strongly as I’d prefer.

Since the case of the week is also the season’s story arc, the B story is Renard’s endorsement of the mayoral candidate. He shoots a commercial and also charms the producer, because of course he does, he’s Renard and he’s charming.

After that, we’re back to the main story with Nick and Hank talking to Monroe, Rosalee and Bud about the 4 claw mark, and how most riots and organized acts of violence are either perpetrated by wesen or have them involved in some other way, including the Boston Tea Party. Wu is back at the crime scenes trying to get information from the shop owners but no one is cooperating. He goes back to check on the claw mark and that’s when he runs into Xavier. He calls Nick and Hank from the precinct to let them know he’s been taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, once the nurse leaves, Nick lets Xavier know he knows the attacks are wesen related. At which point Xavier woges into a face only a mother could love (if even that) and Nick has to avert his gaze.

They get Xavier to look through a book of mug shots and he says he doesn’t know anyone on the first page even though the guy who questioned him is on there, but then he admits to knowing the woman on page 2, the other leader.

Her name is Billie Trump, and she’s brought in for a line-up, but Xavier is nervous about them finding out if he identifies her.

So Nick gives Monroe and Rosalee a call, and they’re more than happy to come down to the station to talk Xavier into it, because at the moment they’re hosting a bunch of panicked wesen in their shop.

They convince Xavier to point out the woman who took him, and that even though he’s a Grimm, Nick can be trusted, even with their lives. But first, he starts to woge, and Monroe and Rosalee also don’t want to see it.

Luckily, he doesn’t woge, and he picks Billie from the lineup, allowing Nick and Hank to put her in the interrogation room for questioning.

She’s not talking, until Nick tells her he knows she’s wesen. She assumes he and Hank are too, but says just because they’re wesen doesn’t make them family or even friends. Then Hank says he’s just a cop but Nick is a Grimm. She woges to see for herself and then freaks out and agrees to give him another name, Dallas Cruz, the leader of this particular group.

She calls him from Renard’s office, saying she was grabbed for a lineup but then released, and he tells her to meet him at their usual location rather than say anything more on the phone Nick informs her she’s going with them, and that she’s going to provide them with all the info they’ll need. And when she tries to talk her way out of it, Renard lets her know who she’s dealing with.

This is also the first time Wu has seen Renard woge, which is why he jumps out of his seat. And Billie seems more scared than when she found out Nick was a Grimm, as well she should be. Monroe says he wants to go along, because he hates these stupid wesen groups, and Rosalee offers to drive Xavier home since he’s been through so much already.

Meisner, back at HW HQ, opens a door and tells a blonde woman “let’s go, you’re going outside the wire”.

As Nick and company are driving to the warehouse location, and Rosalee is driving, she asks him how he’s doing, and after telling conflicting stories about his escape or how many people he saw, he breaks down and asks “why did Monroe have to go with them?” Rosalee pulls over and asks what he’s done, and when he finally admits he set them up, she’s very angry and violent about it. The picture is blurry, but she punches him in the face before calling Monroe to warn him.

The rest can be seen in this clip, where a lot happens. A lot.

In case you can’t view the clip, Nick gets suspicious when Billie doesn’t see concerned about leading them to Dallas. Right then, Rosalee calls to warn Monroe but it’s too late, the wesen gang is all there waiting for them. They manage to fend them off with and Rosalee slams Xavier’s face into the dashboard as he tries to get away. Eventually they’re in a blocked off room but running out of bullets. But then they hear screams, and everything goes quiet. When Nick goes to see what’s going on, he’s attacked by Dallas who gets the upper hand. But then he’s pulled up into the air, and dropped back down, and we see who Meisner sent to help Nick out.

That’s right, it’s Juliette! And she’s finally doing what I was hoping for when she first became a hexenbiest, helping to take down wesen bad guys when the rest of the gang is outnumbered or overpowered. And that’s the end of the episode.


Juliette is apparently not dead, but is she under some kind of control, or did Meisner figure out a potion to make her less evil but still keep her full power?

Rosalee beating up on Xavier for betraying them was awesome.

But seriously, anyone who’s tried to go after Monroe ends up dead or severely injured, so clearly it’s not a good idea.


And on Twitter, Bitsie Tulloch greeted fans, now that the cat’s out of the bag. Click the link below.

The ‘biest is out of the bag! #GrimmTwitter Video

— Grimm (@NBCGrimm) December 12, 2015

So what did you all think? Grimm will be back on January 22nd, 2016, so you back here after that!

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