The Ghostbusters in pinball form, that’s who! Stern Pinball announced earlier this month that they are now releasing new tables based on the 1984 film. So if you ever wanted to save the world from Gozer but prefer a stainless steel ball to an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back, now is your chance.

Stern is releasing 3 versions starting with a standard Pro table and the high end being the Limited Edition (LE). Don’t worry if you or your local arcade/bowling alley/bar don’t want to drop the extra cash, even the Pro edition comes with great artwork and maybe best of all, Ernie Hudson’s voice guiding you thru paranormal infested New York City.

The Premium and LE tables come with extra 3D toys on the playing field and ghost holograms. They also seem to have an extra ramp than the Pro Table so game play will be a little different. The LE table has is own artwork on the sides of the machine that replace Ecto 1 with Slimer.

Come on, how can you not want to hit the Slimer target!

This physical machine shouldn’t be confused with the ios only, digital (but very fun) Ghostbusters table made by the folks at Pinball Arcade. Unlike the rest of Pinball Arcades offerings that Ghostbusters pinball was never an actual table but a digital remix of another machine, Haunted House made by Gottlieb in 1982. If you don’t have an ios device you can play Haunted House on Pinball Arcade for free on just about any mobile and gaming device, it was part of the season 2 table pack.


Stern hasn’t released a game play video yet but they do have a very quick behind the scenes building of the table montage on youtube that shows Slimer getting slammed.

All pictures were taken from the Stern website and the video came from their youtube channel.