Friday’s Grimm season 5 finale ends with a lot of changes to the status quo of Portland, and Nick and his allies and enemies. Spoilers after the break.

After winning the election, Renard is all over the news, including on Monroe and Rosalee’s TV, who can’t believe he and Adalind would side with Black Claw, and are also getting sick of the agents in the truck they’ve had sitting outside their home. So Monroe decides to confront them, and they drive off.

As this is going on, Nick is at HW HQ with Hank, as Eve enters the conference room after finding out what she could from Zuri. When Hank asks, she tells him she’s still alive, but she also doesn’t give the impression she went easy on her. She got a name from Zuri, Conrad Bonaparte, who Meisner informs them is one of the higher ups at Black Claw and if he’s in town, he’s running things so he’s the mysterious empty box at the top of the hierarchy chart.

And then Hank gets a call about a crime scene, at an address that’s very familiar to him, because he lives there. After that, he and Nick head over there.

Monroe and Rosalee head back inside, and Roslaee seems to have a headache and Monroe says she feels warm, but she’s sure it’s just because she’s angry, but at least she was thinking clearly enough to write down the truck’s license plate, which they can give to HW and find out who the truck belongs to.

Back at the Black Claw compound, Renard and “family” return home after winning the election. Renard thanks Bonaparte for his victory but is assured he won the election legitimately, which is believable, since the other candidate had caught up in a drug bust so it’s not like he had a lot going for him. Bonaparte reminds Renard that it’s important for he and Adalind to be a family, and when Renard says that’s not really up to him, Bonaparte asks if he can talk to Adalind. Renard makes it clear he knows he’s not in a position to refuse and heads up stairs.

Speaking of happy families, Diana gives Rachel another disapproving look as Adalind takes her up the stairs.

He and Adalind say goodnight to Diana, who pretends to be asleep for a few seconds before breaking out her dolls, which it turns out can be used to control her parents, even though they don’t really look like them.

And getting them kissing is all it takes for them to move past that, until Adalind realizes what’s happening and puts a stop to it, explaining to Renard that Kelly was controlling them, and that it’s not because she thinks he’s so hot she just had to have him, which he found believable because he just got elected mayor.


He ends up back with Rachel, but she tells him their hook-ups have to stop because the family image is more important to the cause, and kicks him out of bed and her home.

Hank arrives at his house with Nick, where there’s a crime scene, and there are 2 dead bodies. The same 2 Black Claw agents that were watching Nick who he shot last week because he was “in a hurry”. The detectives working the case then tell Hank one of his neighbors reported seeing him flee the house, even though he was with Nick the whole time, and he’s taken into custody.

Nick calls Wu and tells him to meet him at the precinct. Meanwhile, at HW, Meisner, Trubel and Eve are discussing what they know about Bonaparte, which isn’t a lot but he’s supposed to be bad news. They also learn from the laptop they got off Tony that a bunch of the group’s pictures have been shared to everyone in Black Claw.

Then Monroe calls in and gives the license plate number, which leads to an address: 521 Skyline Drive, the same address of the agents who got Diana, and it’s an isolated location.

Back at the Black Claw mansion, Adalind tries explaining to Diana that she can’t just force her parents back together. They don’t get along because they haven’t spent a lot of time together and don’t know each other very well. Then Diana mentions she doesn’t like Rachel, because she’s keeping daddy away. Adalind tries to explain she shouldn’t worry about her but we’ll see how that goes.

After getting some help from Wu on information about Hank’s neighbor who was supposedly a witness to the crime he was framed for, Nick heads to the Portland North precinct, where the officers tell him that detective Griffen was never brought in, and then reveal that the precinct is full of wesen cops, who tell him things are going to be different now that one of them is mayor.

But they weren’t lying about Hank not being there, because those detectives are also Black Claw and have him tied to a chair at some unknown (for the next few minutes) location. They’re waiting for a call, and getting impatient, but mention that Hank is supposed to be kept alive.

Back at the Black Claw mansion, Bonaparte asks to talk to Adalind, who says Renard just isn’t her type but she’s doing the best she can. He then takes her hands, and tells her he doesn’t believe than, before woging, and turning her to stone to show her what can happen if she doesn’t get with the program.

Nick, after leaving the wesen precinct, gives Rosalee and Monroe a call for help with getting Tony to give up Hank’s location. First, he and Wu give it a try, and when that doesn’t work, they bring in Rosalee to identify him as the man who attacked her. When he refuses to help, she tries to rough him up a bit herself.

And then Nick tells Tony there’s going to be an assault charge, which Tony calmly says to add to his charges. Then Nick tells him its not his assault on Rosalee he’s talking about. And in walks Monroe, and out walk Nick, Wu and Rosalee.

They listen in from outside the door, and Monroe steps out with an address, 521 Skyline Drive. Monroe then thanks Nick for the opportunity to talk with Tony in person, and they head out, with the door left open, but there’s no need to worry about Tony talking out.

Nick goes to HW to ask if Trubel and Eve can help him get Hank away from Black Claw, and Meisner agrees. The 3 head out and quickly dispatch the 2 detectives, Trubel slices one’s throat, and Eve uses her powers to pull the other through a window.

That’s when they realized it was too easy and the only reason for Hank to still be alive is as bait. They were lured away from HW so that Black Claw could attack.

Eve tries calling Meisner, who tells her to stay away, it’s too late, they’re already under attack. When she asks if he’s safe, he says “no, I’m with Sean Renard”.

Renard tries to recruit Meisner, who reminds him that Black Claw is wesen only. Renard tells him he’d be willing to make an exception for him, but that’s when Bonaparte steps in, says there are no exceptions, and starts force-choking Meisner. Renard tries to get him to stop but is told to stay out of it. After Meisner is clearly suffering and bleeding from his eyes, Renard ends his suffering with a bullet. Bonapart then warns him that his compassion could be harmful.

Nick, Hank, Trubel, and Eve arrive at HW only to find it destroyed and Meisner dead. They’re now all that’s left to stop Black Claw, and they need to get Monroe and Rosalee to safety as well.

Nick and Hank head back to the precinct where Renard is back at his office, and Nick goes to confront him and pick a fight. Renard has to woge to get an advantage but it’s enough to toss Nick out a window, and then he orders him arrested. He tries to explain to Hank and Wu that he had no choice since Nick attacked him in front of a lot of police oficer witnesses. He also tells them that they’re good cops, who know what’s really going on, and he’d like to work with them and not against them.


But things aren’t going smoothly for Black Claw either, they’ve got a wild card in their midst, and she’s not a fan of Rachel...

She then shows Adalind what’s happening, but then Adalind wakes up in bed, and assumes it’s a dream. But it’s not, as Renard later discovers.

Monroe and Rosalee are home, where Rosalee discovers the reason she’s not feeling well is that she’s pregnant. Finally, some good news.

That’s when Trubel shows up through the back door to get them out while Eve deals with the Black Claw agents watching them from the truck outside the house. They don’t know who she is, but as soon as she woges, they exclaim “oh crap”. And they’re right, because she microwaves them until they pop.

Monroe and Rosalee are tasked with hiding all the books in the spice shop, including the one with the Grimm family lines. Hank, Trubel and Eve go back to the precinct for Nick, but the Portland North wesen cops show up for him. Wu tries to stop them and is attacked, but they’re in for a fatal surprise.

But the rest of them manage to take Nick to their precinct, where he meets Bonaparte.

Bonapart then gets into Nick’s head, and finally tells him if he gives up the book of Grimm families, he’ll return Kelly to him. Nick knows that Adalind wouldn’t just give up her child, and refuses to cooperate. And that’s when his rescue shows up and start killing a bunch of cops. Wesen or not, since they look human dead, Mayor Renard is going to have a rough first week on the job, dealing with and explaining that away.

Eve confronts Bonaparte, and the two have a telekinesis showdown, where they both get a lot of good hits in, but it ends with Eve impaled with glass. When Nick finds her, she reveals that Bonaparte is a Zauberbiest, but she didn’t know that until they faced off.

Bonaparte arrives back at the mansion, where Sean and Adalind are talking about how Diana killed Rachel, but when Bonaparte enters, he force-chokes Adalind into giving up Nick’s address while Renard looks on helplessly.

Trubel gets Monroe and Rosalee out of the spice shop and they all meet at Nick’s. He tries using the magic stick to heal Eve and the wound is healed but there’s a bad reaction, she woges, has a seizure and then passes out. When Rosalee checks her pulse it’s weak. Just then, Diana appears to Nick and his friends to warn them that her mom was forced to give up his address. She also lets him know her mom didn’t want to and is very sorry about it.

After Adalind thanks her, Diana notices a choke-wound around her mom’s neck and asks who did it. Adalind tells her it wasn’t her dad, but one of his friends but not to worry about it.


Nick and the gang decide to head into the tunnels to escape, and as he helps Eve, she’s acting strangely.

If the stick undid her reprogramming into Eve, they better hope she still has her hexenbiest powers because they’ll need them.


Nick then stays behind and takes out a bunch of the wesen cops that are raiding his home, as seen in this clip of the final showdown, including the power of the stick when a Grimm has it on their person.

That’s right, Nick gets shot, but the stick keeps him alive, although it doesn’t protect him from being force-choked by a Zauberbiest when Bonaparte and Renard show up. Also, Rosalee finally tells Monroe she’s pregnant so there’s a little bit of celebration through all the dying. And Bonaparte made a big mistake earlier, he choked Diana’s mom. And she uses her Renard doll to make sure he never does that again.

To be continued, indeed.


Ok, so it’s not ok for Diana to kill, but since she’s already done it, Adalind should have just told her Bonaparte was the one who choked her. Luckily, she figured it out herself and dealt with it.


Bonaparte hints he’s a full zauberbiest when he’s talking to Adalind, saying he’s not like Sean there’s more to him, but it wasn’t until Eve says it that I got that’s what he is.

I wonder if Diana will be the big bad for season 6, although I don’t know if she’d hurt Nick since her mom likes him, and she remembers that his mom helped raise her when she was little (which was maybe a year ago).

First day as mayor and Renard has a bunch of dead cops to deal with. Even if Black Claw is done for, Portland is very different now.

What did you all think? See you next season!

(Gifs courtesy of giuntolid.tumblr)