First of all: the Immigrant Song is not - I repeat not - just in the trailer. It is in fact played over not one, but two fight scenes, thus officially becoming Sparky’s Fight Theme, I guess! :) Mild Spoilers for Ragnarök - spelled with an ö. (I mean. OK, biggest spoiler, it’s the end of the world, so what else is there to spoil, really?)

If you think the trailers look great and you like the idea of Taika Waititi (seen below in his natural form) inflicting his trademark humour plus a massive dose of 80s aesthetics into the Thor franchise, you’ll love Ragnarök.

From recreating that awkward moments of having to bond with someone you only ever met in group gatherings and now suddenly are alone with for the first time (thank goodness Hulk is a bit more talkative than he used to be - two years sans Banner probably help) over Thor finally learning to not fucking trust Loki further than he can throw him (which is - surprisingly far, as we can see ;) ) - the running gag of him throwing stuff at Loki just to find out if he’s really there is hilarious - to the absolutely brilliant cast of characters and actors - with not one but two surprise cameos in one scene that are even better than Stan Lee’s pretty good appearance - including of course an ever so awesome Goldblum and the best villain Thor had so far, Ragnarök is a bright, shiny, loud and spectacular highlight of the the MCU, that doesn’t have to fear comparison with Guardians of the Galaxy on the funny side of this universe.


BTW - Thank the Gods and Kenneth Brannagh for Anthony Hopkins. Him playing Loki pretending to be Odin is damn worthy of another Oscar. :D

So -

Put on your helmet. Grab a Dragon Fang. Plunge into the Devil’s Anus and get ready for the Apocalypse. Watch this film!


PS - as most movies today, Ragnarök has made some notable changes after the trailers. Apart from the obvious things of certain scenes missing...

.. one thing has baffled me tremendously, though. I really want to know what happened in the production process that transferred this scene

to a greenscreened Norwegian coast.