The crime of the week involves a quest to win a princess’ hand in marriage, and the Portland on the PD are on the case. But most of it is just to keep us busy until the last few minutes. Spoilers after the break.

Friday’s Grimm opens with Nick and Adalind cooking dinner and calling Rosalee for help when Kelly won’t stop crying. Nick discovers something every parent does, kids can be distracted by a smart phone. Adalind insists he shouldn’t have one until 2nd grade, and Rosalee toasts Monroe with being allowed to get back to having her nice dinner. That look on her face is relief.

Renard has a meeting with a mayoral hopeful and his campaign manager (I assume). The candidate would like Captain Renard’s support, he says he’ll consider it.

Then the case starts. But just before that, Nick does some exploring in one of the secret passages of his new place. Adalind mentions the option to going back to work, and also asks Nick to sleep in her bed again, after acknowledging it’s weird, which doesn’t make it less weird. And Nick is annoyed that after Meisner told him to keep Chavez’s phone, he has yet to hear from him. Now onto the week’s case.


Daniel Troyer gives a speech about how his son was taken from him so now he needs one of 3 men to prove their worth to marry his daughter, Emily, and become his new heir. Oh, and they’re all weten ogen, and pull golden feathers from a griffin statue to see who goes first. The quest is to bring the head of the guy responsible for the son’s death, Frankie Adkins. The daughter seems concerned about these men, who she’s known for years, taking part in this old-timey tradition.

Turns out she’s right to be concerned. One life down, 2 to go.

The father assumes one of the other 2 killed the first guy and now it’s player 2’s turn. He says he has a plan. In the meantime, after getting on the case, and getting a description from Frankie of a “guy in an animal costume” Nick and Hank discover player 1 was the son of a criminal attorney, and let Renard know. He says he knows her, and will go with them to break the news.

She’s also weten ogen, and after getting upset with Renard for bringing a Grimm to her, they all make it clear they just want to get any info that will help find out who killed her son. She mentions her son had gone to Daniel Troyer’s home, and on the way out, Renard mentions he’s suspected of being involved in criminal activity.

Player 2 has managed to get on the would be victim’s security team, and just as he finally get him alone and is about to cut off his head, he’s also taken out of the game. It was pretty assuming watching Frankie cower under a truck and then a bed while freaking out about seeing “someone in an animal suit” viciously kill someone right in front of him. Also, Wu’s casual “I know what you’re going through but it’s funny when it’s someone else” attitude. This time, they get another clue to what’s going on, the golden feather.

A visit to Monroe and Rosalee fills in the blanks that they’re participating in a maagd zoektocht (“maiden quest”), and that if they keep an eye on Troyer’s place, they should be able to catch player 3. Rosalee then asks Monroe if he’d slay a dragon for her (the traditional form of the quest, but maybe they just mean the dragon-wesen), and he assures her he would, but no shining armor, he’s allergic to nickel.

After being falsely congratulated for taking out players 1 & 2, player 3 is genuinely scared because he didn’t do it and he doesn’t want to be next. He also never even wanted to take on the quest, his mom made him go to that dinner, he doesn’t even want to marry Emily as he’s gay. Sadly for him, there’s no exiting this game, and he’s threatened with death if he doesn’t bring Frankie’s head.

So he’s probably relieved when he gets nabbed outside the house and taken into custody. Once he knows Nick is a Grimm he even tells him to go talk to Daniel Troyer, he’s the one behind it all. Player 1’s mom has gone to Frankie and let her know why people keep trying to kill him, so everyone’s off to the Troyer home (which looks pretty nice, incidentally).


Frankie confronts Troyer, mentions someone in an animal costume saving him, Troyer full-woges, Frankie starts freaking out, and then gets attacked by his previous rescuer, who turns out to be Emily (shock!). But he still gets a shot off and just before Emily can kill Frankie herself, Nick and Hank show up and the quest is ended.

Daniel reveals that the quest was for Emily all along, to prove that she was more worthy than any man of running whatever criminal activities he’s in charge of. He probably should have asked if she was interested first, and it’s still a tradition that should be laid to rest, but at least he was open to the idea of his daughter taking over, so good for him I guess. If he survives, he’ll be arrested for the murders of players 1 & 2 since it’s his fault they went out and got killed.

With the case wrapped up, there’s more weirdness between Nick and Adalind with her being overly concerned about his safety. And then Nick runs into Trouble outside his supposedly secret location home.


Is this a set up? Who did this to her? And how did she show up at Nick’s “secret” location? Is it some kind of set up?

We’ll have to wait 2 weeks to find out, at least.

What did you all think?

(Gifs from dailygrimm.tumblr, Wesen names/spelling from Grimm Wiki)