Warning: Excessive Fuzzy Cuteness

So I haven't posted any kitten pictures since there born and they are almost 9 weeks old now so I thought I would post some newer ones to wash away the foul taste of some recent nastiness.

They are incredibly cute and hyperactive, constantly running to and fro and climbing everything when they aren't napping. There are 8 of the kittens, 5 black, 2 grey, and one tuxedo like the mom. Their dark coloring + my preference for a dark apartment + poor skill with my camera phone means a lot of pictures of them don't turn out well.

And I took one of the kittens outside and made this.

A small sampling of kitten pictures I have taken. In the next two weeks four of the kittens are going to go to new homes, two people are taking a pair each. Not entirely sure which ones other then Tuxy (tuxedo kitten) and one of the male black kittens. Hint hint hint anyone around Houston or within meetup range!