Mustn't forget about Canada's largest convention held at the same time as Dragoncon and PAX. Here are some cosplays I found whilst surfing. [The captions have been Kinja'd! Some aren't where they're supposed to be] >:(

Aatrox of League Of Legends. Had to Google this having never played the game.

Excellent Ash.

Beauty And The Beast... who else can't say the title without singing it?

Bebop, Rocksteady, and female Predator. Odd gang. No straws!?

Box Trolls. Promo booth cosplay, so these are professionally made.

Captain Canuck.

Uh... no idea.

Fantastic 3.

I should know this one... but I don't.

Hannibal. Freaky human-elk dream thing.

Harley Quinn without makeup.

Kid Star Lord, man.

Kill La Kill. Senketsu, Junketsu, Ryuko, Satsuki.

Leeloo Dallas Moolteepass.

Magneto Rule 63.

Majora's Mask, with a spandex ninja in the background for good measure.

Oddjob, from Goldfinger, that's a James Bond 007 movie for the young'ans.

Female Predator vs Judge Dredd. I can't remember if they've faced off, vs Aliens, yes.

Rocket Raccoon. Those eyes.

Rufio! Rufio! Rufioooo! And Rule 63 Hook.

Edward Scissorhands. I wonder, does he cut his own hair?

Excellent Scooby Gang.

Entei of Pokemon. Thanks upside-down ENTEI.

Sexy Darth Vader Rule 63.

Another excellent one, Shaun Of The Dead.

"The Shred Dude!"

Transformers! This made me smile.

The best cosplay IMO. Xerxes.