Season finale screencaps. Spoilers.

Recap, because cool photo: The mini-dome plastered the barn with white stars and graffiti a couple of eps back.

The teens and mom Carolyn gathered in Ben's room where Linda discovers the mini-dome.

Hatch watch is on.

Really, Linda, you want the mini-dome in police custody?

Linda throws her police weight around as if she knew what was going on. Mini-dome throws Linda around when she touches it. But not before we see poor pretty newborn monarch flutter in his mini-dome prison. Black splotches grow where he hits the transparent prison walls.

Will the monarch die? Outside it gets dark as well. As the blackness spreads, the townspeople gather in church.

No military surrounding this thing? No paparazzi camping amongst cows?! No helicopters above?


Meanwhile, Junior communes with the Big Dome but sides with Big Jim. Julia wakes up under Angie's watch and is able to walk and talk and goes to jail to save Barbie.

Task-minded Angie breaks them out and brings them to the old cement factory where the others brought the mini-dome.

The four chosen domeketeers lay hands. Mini-dome glows red, it was blue before.

The butterfly lives, after playing dead. Flutters to choose the monarch.

As an aside, monarchs are in this year. Remember this one landing on Irisa's knife while she's doing tai-chi with knife in Defiance 1x03, Devil in the Dark?

Julia is the chosen one!

Junior gets all mean and brings Barbie in. Julia and the teens rescue the egg and head to the woods where they meet the dome ghost of mom Alice. The dome talks through Alice. In riddles. This is hard for Norrie. I lost track of where Carolyn and Ben and the butterfly are.

DJ Phil agrees readily to build the gallows. Because Big Jim told him to. Even if Phil believes Barbie killed Dodee and Julia's husband, Phil could have asked for a trial with a jury of peers.

Big Jim hurries to hang Barbie. Barbie doesn't even ask to talk to the town or whatever. He just complies.

Oh the suspense! The scariest part of it all is that the way the people of Chester's Mill behave is an insult to the American way. No dissent? Except one half-hearted question?! Everyone takes the bully at his word? The gallows— and no one asks for the accused Barbie to get the chance to defend himself? Not even a last meal? No Christians wanting to grant Barbie a last confession, the last rites or such?

The dome-Alice had told them to keep the egg safe or bad things will happen. Julia clutches Barbie's dog tags in her had, but doesn't head to the town square where the gallows are waiting. Julia heads to the lake and throws the egg in the lake. Where pink light happens.

The pink stars are raising (I thought it was about them falling, but no, here they go up)

Pink stars make for pretty screenshots.

And then the white light floods the town assembled around the gallows.

Big Jim still yelling to Junior to push that lever.

C'mon Barbie, we know you'll make it, the suspense for next season is how.

What do the reviewers say? The best: the Dome posted on io9!

Brian K. Vaughan defends finale with teasers and mild spoilers for next season.

Don't halve a cow: turns out a Dome's just the place for a show that hit a creative dead end

Why did a Dome descend over the little town of Chester’s Mill? Apparently, to create cover for a series of crazily violent exchanges, conveniently timed murders, stray characters and portentous dialogue.[...] It’s hard to fault CBS for wanting to continue to milk the show (with apologies to that poor cow), having averaged nearly 15 million viewers this summer if you throw in delayed DVR viewing, while also performing well internationally, including Australia, the U.K. and Germany.

Over at HufPo, Ashley Knierim posted a review that counts as positive:

Despite the bizarre twists, bad choices and head-scratching scenarios, I'd venture to say that "Under the Dome" was the TV show of summer 2013. No matter how bad it got, we kept watching.