Someone Else's Playlists

Last night I played with the television-shaped and based YouTube player @FrankN.Stein posted to the Odeck and shared with the TVClub. After watching My80sTV for a while, what I did was deselect everything except "music" on the My70sTV player.

Of course you could include ads, maybe some movie trailers or keep everything from the default and because you can't close the YouTube overlay ads, it's not always easy to see, but with 1089 songs from the 70s, 1348 from the 80s and 1967 from the 90s, though I'd sometimes advance past a song, switch years or actually watch a performance, I mostly let it play on another tab as my background music for the night.

The player also worked as a curated list and though I didn't look last night, some of the individual performances I'll probably later find, such as this '72 Chuck Berry novelty hit.

Waching youtube like it's the 80's again!

Back in my days when we had 4 channels and had to walk 5 miles uphill to get the coal for the TV!

Or the 70s or 90s, if that's how you roll... ;)