So yesterday was I/O and you got my usual Wednesday Android Update post related to it. Today is the day after and here's where some of those goodies start making their way towards you the end users.

This post is going to cover just a few things. Namely updates to the various Google apps in a post-Android Wear world. Also some actual goodies you can buy soon.

Up first is Google Play Services 5.0. You can get the apk here. For those who don't know what Google Play Services is, it's basically how Google gives you important updates nowadays without requiring an entire OS update (which inevitably gets delayed by the OEMs and even worse by the carriers). The long and short of it is just get the apk and install it. Everything it does is something you won't notice for the most part but it's all good and useful in the long run.

Then we've got a major update to Google Search. You can grab the apk from here. How many people would love to say "OK Google" to do something from anywhere on their phone (including the lockscreen)? Well, now you can do that. Install that apk, go into Google Now's settings (Google Now then Settings then Voice then enable "OK Google" detection), make the necessary changes and you're golden. Keep in mind you need to "train" it to your voice. Kinda like how Touchless Control is setup on the Moto X, basically you say "OK Google" three times and that's it. It'll listen for that command and then you follow it up with what you want to do next. You can always say "help me" and a list of commands will come up and explain what they do.

UPDATE! "It appears this feature is rolling out by account, not APK. While basically everyone on the AP team is already running the latest version, I'm the only one seeing hotword detection. So, be calm young panda, it'll get to you soon enough." So yeah, install the apk and as soon as they roll it out to your account you'll be golden. Sorry about that folks, the info just dropped and I'm updating to reflect that new info.

It should be noted though that if you've got a device that's already got such ability built-in then you won't be able to enable that through the Google Now settings. (As if it matters when you've already been able to do that for ages.)

Google Keep has also received an update, mostly for Android Wear support. You can download the apk from here.

Google Drive has also received a pretty substantial (if not necessarily noticeable to most) update. Grab the apk from here. They've completely redone the interface and it looks more modern and it's got that lovely card Duarte born look that so many of us uber Android fans love.


The overall changes basically make various things like sharing, sharing a link, starring, moving, sending , downloading and renaming files much easier. There's a few other things that were changed, but those are the ones most people will be using regularly.

At long last Google Slides has been released to the Play Store. This follows Docs and Sheets which were released some time back and you'll now be able to create document presentations from your phone or tablet, as well as edit them.

And that's it as far as updates are concerned. "But, bangishotyou, surely you can't be serious?" I am serious and don't call me Shirley.

But I do have a treat or two for you all. Well, for some of you all. Been to the Devices section of the Play Store lately?


If you haven't then it looks like you wouldn't have noticed a very recent addition.

I don't want to spoil things with words when I can just show you what I'm talking about.

Android Wear has gone live in the Play Store!

You can pre-order the LG G Watch for $229 (and it'll leave the warehouse by July 3rd) or the Samsung Gear Live for $199 (and it'll leave the warehouse by July 8th). Keep in mind that this is purely a pre-order, you also won't be charged until the devices actually ship.


A relative of mine is big into watches and was thrilled when I mentioned they went live yesterday and would be available from places like Best Buy and Amazon on July 7th. They told me to pick up two in-store at our local Best Buy that day, one for them and one for me (on them). So I'll likely be doing a write-up on it when I get it. : ) That way you kids can decide for yourselves whether or not you want to shell out for one, I'm seriously waiting on the Moto 360 though. That one looks Fine with a capital F. I also prefer the circular look over the square look that LG and Samsung went with. (And yes, whenever that one comes out I'll do a write-up on it too because I'm ordering it Day 1. In fact I've got a bet going with a friend over who receives theirs first since we're both ordering it straight from Motorola when it goes on sale.)

And that's all I've got for you fine folks today. Goddamn do I love I/O! Android L reveal and info, APK updates and Android Wear devices going live (sorta) in the Play Store! It's like my birthday, Halloween and Christmas all together!