For today, I honestly had no topic or general idea in mind. I was thinking of postponing the post entirely.

However, thanks to the awesomeness of our very own Drillpress that was turned around and I was able to check out a few new apps that I wanted to share with you guys.

So Drillpress, sir, you rock!

Up first I bring you an amazing weather app called atmosHere Weather. First and foremost, there is a free (ad supported) version of the app, so if you aren't too sure about spending $3.99 for a weather app be sure to grab that version instead.


Why would I spend $3.99 on a weather app you might currently be asking yourselves? That's simple. It's a truly amazing app.

The long and short of it is it follows the latest UI guidelines, namely in the form of the Slide Out/Hamburger menu (with settings being in there as well, something not all apps that use the Slide Out menu have incorporated yet) and it has a Cards UI on top of that. In addition to that, the amount of information the app itself provides is insane. Current temperature, location info, radar, marine and mountain conditions, etc. etc. I honestly couldn't even begin to cover it all, so instead I took a number of screenshots so you can all see for yourself.

And just for the record, that pic at the top, that is not a local pic. No clue where it pulled that from. I know it's from Flickr, but it's not a local sight or anything. The one that was there before I closed the app and reopened it was though.

And then if you swipe right, there's an hour by hour forecast. I'm not even gonna bother posting screenshots of that. You can let your imagination and the pics above give you an idea of what that looks like. Suffice it to say there's a lot in the app. Enough to cover the needs of die hard weather junkies and people who just want to know how god awfully hot it is outside in this damn South Texas weather. I fall into that latter category.


The price is honestly worth it. I don't think I've seen any other weather app that looks like this and does everything it does, at least not without costing way more (we're talking $7.99 and higher). None have followed the latest UI guidelines though and all looked like they were created when Gingerbread was still the big version as far as Android and the devs just stopped caring at that point about looks.

For this one, seriously delve into the Settings. You'll need to in order to get things set just so. Either to remove cards or see additional data. There's a lot of information in the screenshots included above that is irrelevant or at least not of interest to me, so I've changed things to remove it entirely. Woohoo! (Just FYI, when/if you make any changes in settings be sure to click on Done in the top right. Otherwise the changes won't take. Once you do so the app will update itself and the new desired and relevant information will present itself.)

Like I said before though, there is a free ad-supported version of the app available. So check that out first. If you want more, the free version tells you what is included in the paid version and you can decide at that point whether you're happy with what's available or whether you need more input.

Beyond that, there have been a small number of Google app updates, but none that were extremely significant with the exception of one.

Google+ has been updated and whoa is the update a big one. We've got the beginnings of what looks to be the Hera roll out starting here. There's honestly way too much to cover well, so I'm just gonna let those of you who really want to see what's changed visit Android Police for their coverage of the update. For those who just want to install the new update, you can get the apk file here (also courtesy of AP).

For visual changes, see the pics below.

Very nice looking, definitely in line with the Google Camera UI that we saw awhile back when that was released. Albeit this is on a much more full blown scale compared to that one.


And that's all I have for you today, I will update the post if there's any significant Google app updates throughout the day. Otherwise I leave you with this really neat commercial a friend sent me a link to late last night.

Apparently it reminds them of me. I don't know how to take that. Are they saying my life is random enough to result in me sitting on the beach eating Kettle Baked chips while seagulls sing "I Ran (So Far Away)" to me? I don't know and frankly I don't want to know.

But enjoy the commercial anyway!