So there's not much going on in the world of Android this week, short of 4.4.3 being released. Thus far I haven't received any updates for Google apps, but I figure those will be coming after lunch like usual.

And yes, I am still waiting for the update to hit my phone. A few others are too. This is basically how we all feel right now waiting for the 4.4.3 OTA update.

What I have for you today are widgets! Sorta.

Up first is Holo Countdown. I'm linking to the paid version, since it lets you put a widget on your homescreen, but the app itself has a free version. Albeit it is incredibly limited (no widget) and I wouldn't recommend it. Just go with the paid version, it's only a buck.


The app itself is pretty simple to use and does what you want it to. It counts down the days until a given event. Nothing fancy, but it has a Holo look (as well it and any other app should at this point in time).

Creating new events is as simple as can be. Just tap on the little circle and get to inputting the info you want/need.

As you can tell by looking at the events, I've got my priorities. (And yes, neisseria, that first one is in regards to that certain someone. Lol. I am saying that before you even have to ask.) Already requested August 1st off and I think that Bday Vacation one might change. Might be 71 days away, cause I'm thinking of adding an extra day off. Likely for that Thursday.


Not a bad app overall. Infinitely more useful to me than marking days in Calendar. If only because I am incredibly forgetful with days and events and if I don't have a reminder in easy sight at all times I'll completely forget about something until the day of (and that does include my birthday).

This next one is for Remedios Varo, in regards to your weather widget and needing location access and that being a battery drain. I think you should check out atmosHere. Linking to the free version as opposed to the much pricier (albeit well worth the cost) paid version. I covered it in a previous post.

The widgets are phenomenal. Just to give you a quick look at the ones I'm using, which cover current conditions and another one that gives me a 3-day overview.

Overall though, it's got a total of six different widgets to select from. That's counting the two seen in my screenshot.

Battery usage is negligible as far as I can tell, but let's all keep in mind my Moto X gets great battery life (even for a heavy, power user like myself).

I can't remember if I mentioned it when I did my previous write-up but the app itself gets all its data from, which is one of the better data sources for weather around. It also looks good even in your browser, as can be seen in that link.

The other option is to go with my go to weather app, EZ Weather. It's got a very clean, Holo inspired interface and it's basically a "just the facts, ma'am" type app. Nothing extraneous. It gives you what you need to know and that's it.


It's also got three widgets and I'm including a quick view of one I threw on my homescreen just for screenshot and sharing purposes. (That one is also customizable, insofar as background/transparency goes.)

Again, no significant battery drain has been noticed on my part in regards to Location access being set to High Accuracy for any of these two apps. I don't know if it's just me or what, I never seem to have the battery drain issues that others do on their respective devices. Probably just my awesome luck keeping me covered in that respect.


Beyond that, that's all I got for today. I'll update the post if anything significant comes up throughout the day as far as sales, app releases or updates and what have you goes.

Oh! On that note, for today and tomorrow only Motorola has dropped the price on the 32 GB Moto X. It is going for $349, which is a $100 savings over its regular price. That is for the stock or customized (via Moto Maker) version. If you're in the market for a new phone and have the cash to burn to get one off contract then I can't recommend that phone enough. It might be getting updated soon, but I have no issues recommending it nonetheless to people. It's that good.

And Happy Wednesday!

UPDATE! So I've already had a few people ask me about the icon pack seen in the screenshots. Decided to just add the info and more screenshots to the post so everyone can be kept in the loop.


It is the Project Hera Launcher Theme. It's not just an icon pack but an entire app, it'll theme your phone (for the icons, once you tell it which launcher you're using) and it's also got a ton of wallpapers. That one you see in the screenshot is one from the app.

It's $1.99, well worth the price. There are other similar icon packs/apps in the Play Store, but none hold a candle to that one. I keep coming back to it.

It's also available in a Black Moonshine and Neon Moonshine versions. I've got the Black Moonshine one already, picked it up the moment it was released. Probably gonna get the Neon one when I have a chance, just to have them all.

Not all my apps are themed, there are a handful that aren't. I've put in the request already though to get them themed as well. Updates for the app occur pretty regularly, at least twice a week. (The most I've seen was three times in one day!) So it is definitely being updated on a very frequent basis.


And as Pessimippopotamus rightly pointed out, I basically am future proofing my phone from the rumored (inevitable?) visual update that is in the works. Also known as "Hera". The icons you see in the various screenshots above are all based on the rumored/leaked pics we've seen on the various Android related sites over the past month or so.

UPDATE 2. For those who are unaware, Nova Launcher has updated (is it just the beta version or stable, anyone know?) and you now have the ability to say "Ok, Google" hotword to launch search and all that jazz. The feature was integrated yesterday afternoon.

I kind of overlooked it yesterday/today because I've had that functionality on my last and current phone, albeit in a much more interesting and powerful way on my Moto X. : P