Alright, so I've been MIA lately. A few reasons for that, which don't really matter but you're welcome to inquire about if you're genuinely curious. And things have been all over the place for me, so I didn't bother preparing any kind of post for today.


Today is Google Update Wednesday and two apps have dropped in the Play Store that are fucking awesome! Profanity required and you'll get why shortly.


First and foremost, Google has released the Google Camera app to the Play Store! Or as I shared on Twitter, "Photosphere for some, miniature American flags for others!" It should be noted that this will only install on devices that are running Kit Kat, everyone else is out of luck. For the time being at least.

More importantly, the app has been redesigned and is sporting the rumored Hera look as is evident in the screenshots on the Play Store listing.

And here is a hastily taken Photosphere of my office.

I don't know if it's going to come out well or not, but here is a link just in case you want to see it a bit better.


EDIT: Added a few sample pics courtesy of Pessimippopotamus of the Lens Blur feature that was added.

Why are you still reading?! Go install this! (If you can.)

EDIT: Oh yeah, look at the screenshot of what happens when you try and get a video recording in portrait mode.

It's 2014! If you're still recording in anything but landscape mode...

Onward and upward as the kiddos say.

In addition to that, Chrome Remote Desktop has also gone live! If the name of the app itself doesn't tell you what this does, I guess I can put it simply. Have a desktop? Have Chrome installed on it? Have a smartphone or tablet? Congratulations! You can now use the latter to remote in to the former using the one in the middle!

One system/app to rule it all! [cackles maniacally]

EDIT: Just a minor update, in order to use the Chrome Remote Desktop app you need to be using a device that's on at lest Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), so anything running Android 4.0+ will be able to use this app.

And that's it so far! Here's hoping for more updates throughout the day. No news on either of these even being rumored for release has popped up on any of the Android sites in the past month. Hints of upcoming UI changes have dropped and beta testing of the Chrome Remote Desktop app being underway have been, but apps available for widespread use soon? Nope! Not a word anywhere!

A Google+ update is likely in the works too. As screenshots have leaked of the updated app. For a much thorough read/pics just head on over to Android Police. And yes, it is also sporting the Hera UI changes that have been getting leaked and discussed as of late. Can't say that I don't like the new look, cause I totally do.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a few new apps to play with. As well as some stuff going on offline that will keep me away a bit longer. Don't you kids have too much fun without me. I'll pop back in throughout the day though to address any questions, comments or general silliness. : )

UPDATE: So at least two other apps were updated yesterday.

First off was YouTube, which hit my phone on the drive home. It has now been updated to allow Live Streams to be sent to your Chromecast from your device. This was previously a desktop only feature. If you don't feel like waiting for the update to hit your phone, grab the apk from here and just install it yourself.


Also updated was the Calendar app. This update brings additional location selections of nearby places and allows you to join Hangouts video calls. A nifty little feature some of you may find useful. Grab the apk from here.

Beyond that not much else to report on regarding updates. If there's something I missed I'll update when I hear about it. Beyond that, see you cool cats next week. I'm offline til then to collect myself and get in some major reading.