The UK Shatterdome received a shipment of two more Jaegers this morning, bringing the total in storage to 5. If my desk ever sees a 7-inch scale Kaiju attack, at least it'll be prepared. JAEGER PHOTOS GET!

Cherno and Coyote represent NECA at their finest, producing what are easily two of the best Jaegers in the Pacific Rim line so far. There's a lot more fine articulation in both figures, and lots of little details that unfortunately make earlier attempts like Gipsy and Crimson look a little lacklustre in comparison, even though they both remain superb quality figures. I genuinely can't pick which of these two are my favourites, but let's start with the Russian Ironclad of awesomeness that is Cherno Alpha!

Cherno is an impressive hunk of plastic. She's seriously weighty thanks to her chest and reactor-esque headgear, and she feels worth every penny the moment you pick her up. But that weightiness belies an incredible level of nimbleness to the figure - Cherno has articulation in her head (ball joint), torso (ball joint), shoulders (ball joint), elbows (swivel hinge and 360 rotation), hips (swivel hinge and 360 rotation), knees (swivel hinge) and ankles (ball joint), as well as articulation in her hands too. The huge amount of articulation gives her a huge depth of movement and a wide variety of poses. Cherno may look like she's built like a tank, but she's light on her feet too.

The detailing is great as well - plenty of little stickers across her whole body, painted with a nice, understated weathering to show her age by the time Pacific Rim starts. I especially like the red warning strips on almost every limb, a detail you could rarely catch in the movie's predominant night time scenes, but here it gives the figure a much needed bit of pop that stops her from being a giant camo-green blob.

But might favourite part of Cherno has to be this. Not only do her fingers open and close so she can be displayed neutrally or ready to rock'em and sock'em, but also HYDRAULIC FIST ACTION! Let me restate that. HYDRAULIC. FIST. ACTION.

As ever with my figure posts, I also inevitably behaved like a small child when faced with new toys, and did some silliness. Cherno's extra poseability was a lot of fun - she can even do the fabled three point landing! Such grace.

Mama Cherno, noooooooooooo! Those Kaiju bastards will pay! Pay with their Blue blood!

But for now, as I've not got any Kaiju figures, Daleks will have to do. CHERNO CRUSH PUNY DALEK, MUAHAHAHA.

Anyways, onto Coyote Tango!

Although we don't see her much on screen - the only actual action she partakes in is a couple of seconds off camera - Coyote Tango is still an awesome Jaeger in PR canon, as the first Jaeger Stacker piloted with the USAF. Her figure is equally awesome in my eyes, and suprisingly graceful. Out of all the Jaeger figures, Coyote Tango has the most 'gundam'-ish qualities - despite being an American-built Jaeger, she feels very much inspired by Japanese mecha design. She's a figure that wouldn't look out of place amongst a shelf of Animé mech figures, that's for sure.

Like Cherno, Coyote has an absolute buttload of articulation - head (ball joint), torso (ball joint), shoulders (ball joint), elbows (swivel hinge and 360 rotation), wrists (ball joint), hips (swivel hinge and 360 rotation), knees (swivel hinge) and ankles (ball joint) - as well as articulation to bring her two mahoosive shoulder cannons to bear. Some of her articulation is a bit limited by her design (especially her ankles which are pretty tightly clad in leg armour), but on the whole she has some great poseability to her.

Her paint app overall is really nice too - a lot of red accents like Cherno to give her a bit of colour breakup amongst all the gun metal, and the nice occasional dab of grime to give her that 'lived in' look. My only disappointment is that her Wolf emblem on her shoulders has been replaced by, weirdly enough the number 34 - which are the numbers that appear on Gipsy's shoulderguards.

Coyote Tango does not escape my silly picture taking! Here she is engaging in that beloved American military past time of shock and awe. Woohoo for Kaboom!

Elrond might have bitten off more than he can chew. 'Tangado haid! Leithio i-' 'TARGET ACQUIRED'

Say, those are some nice cannons you got there. Any chance they need... calibrating?


In all, I've been super pleased with NECA's take on the Jaegers. I'll hold off in the hopes we get potential figures of Romeo Blue and Tacit Ronin to complete the 'on-film' lineup, but for now I'm more than happy with the five we've got. They look so good together!

Although Shatterdome UK has had to migrate off my desk and onto a nearby chest of drawers. These guys take up a lot of space. Still, at least now I'll be able to put the Guardians of the Galaxy on there when they come out...