At E3 2013, a new demo for Lucasart's Star Wars 1313 would've revealed that the game's real protagonist was Boba Fett - but with Lucasarts closed last April, it was not to be. IGN got their hands on a copy of the demo and some more details that makes Disney's cancellation of the game feel all the more upsetting.

1313 would've reportedly featured a young Boba, on Jabba the Hutt's payroll and on the hunt for bounties in Coruscant's seedy undercity levels - specifically the 1,313th level, run by criminal mob bosses and home to many a seedy character in the early days of the Galactic Empire. The demo saw Boba - not quite clad in his infamous Mandalorian armour just yet, with only his father's helmet distinguishing his look - on the trail of a Trandoshan target, chasing him through slums and butcher shops (featuring sliced open Tauntaun carcasses, being used by the crime families to smuggle Spice onto Coruscant) before capturing him alive for Jabba's judgement.

The article is full of interesting little tidbits - like the fact that Fett would've had a droid companion throughout the game who would eventually turn on him (see the concept art above) - but perhaps most interesting is that 1313 would've started to set up the world of Lucas' Live Action Star Wars TV series. The Crime Families Boba and his fellow bounty hunters were working for would've played a part as the focus of the TV show.

It continue's to feel like Lucasarts - whose recent pre-shuttering history was littered with plenty of mistakes and mediocre licensed titles - were really onto something with Star Wars 1313. Exploring a tone relatively uncovered by Star Wars games in the past, without Jedi or force users, in some sort of spiritual successor to Star Wars Bounty Hunter crossed with the explosive set pieces of games like Uncharted, and some pretty remarkable technology behind it, it just might have been something special. Admittedly it might have been a bit naff too, but we'll never know!

There's a lot more to check out in IGN's article - the link's at the bottom of the post, but here's the rest of the gorgeous concept art: