It has been a rough couple of weeks around here. We have a new EHR at the office, and that is never fun. The world (US version) has also gone to ICD-10 which, without overexplaining, does its level best to take as much time as way from your doctor’s ability to care for you as possible so he can concentrate on getting paid to take care of you. I do not see this as a good thing. And I have had more meetings than I can count this week.

So I had a Manhattan.

I used Knob Creek 100 proof bourbon.

And I didn’t have quite enough Carpano antico, so I used a touch of Vya Sweet Vermouth to top it off.

And my Bittercube orange and cherry bitters.

It was a little short on the sweet notes, but otherwise strong and good. Or good and strong.

Then I had an Atom Smasher Octoberfest Lager from Two Brothers.

With our delicious cabbage and sausages. It was very good.

How about the rest of you drunkards?

ETA: I am going to watch TV now and be away from the desk top. No more gifs. But I have amused myself and that’s what counts.