Welcome to a very special, picture heavy, edition of “What’s everybody drinking” with pictures of actual food and drink by Mrs Lizardo!

We had Martinis (actual picture of actual Martini that is making me actually happy) with...

Death’s Door Gin. Because why would you want gin from anywhere other than Wisconsin?

The olives were stuffed with Gabriel Coulet Roquefort that my step mother brought back from France. She brought us back half a kilogram! Proof somebody loves me.

And Vya Extra Dry Vermouth

And Bittercube Orange bitters.

Then we had 2007 Daroush Caravan Cabernet Sauvignon.

Which went really well with the strip steaks and roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic and rosemary.

Yes, these are the actual steaks. And the actual fingerlings from the farmer’s market. I topped the steaks with blue cheese butter. Yum.

So how ‘bout the rest of you? I’m going to brag here and say you didn’t top that.